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Laser Epilation

Laser epilation treatment is a method that many people use to get rid of undesired hair.

Laser epilation, which is one of the most popular methods regardless of men and women, enables to get rid of undesired hair without causing any threat for health. Laser epilation is the fastest and most healthy way of hair removal permanently.  


When laser shot is done on the skin surface, the light passes through the skin within milliseconds without being absorbed but it is absorbed by the hair root and hair shaft. It creates a high level of heat in the hair root, causing it to be destroyed.

The main purpose of laser epilation is to prevent the hair cell from producing new hair by delivering the laser light to the hair root at the right dose and damaging it so that it cannot produce hair again. Laser light, unlike the normal light we know, is the propagation of light along a single wavelength as a straight beam.

Laser epilation is preferred just because it is a permanent and healthy solution as different from other epilation types. Regardless of men or women, laser epilation eliminates undesired hair permanently and it is painless compared to classical methods. 

If performed with proper devices by a professional, it is quite effective and harmless. Treatment area, skin color and type, hair structure are analyzed by professionals and the type of device to be used is chosen and patient is approximately informed about the necessary number of sessions.


How is laser epilation treatment applied?

Laser epilation treatment can be completed in a very short time. Before laser treatment, the person's hair should be shortened with a razor blade.

Waxing should be avoided since it rules out hair roots. After the hair is shortened, hair roots on the procedure area are scanned with a laser device.

However, before starting the procedure, laser doses should be arranged according to skin and hair color. At this stage, it is very important to determine the most appropriate dose for the success of procedure. 

Individual dose arrangement is done for each treatment area. The size of epilation area changes the epilation duration. 


Can laser epilation treatment be applied every season?

Laser epilation can be applied in every season provided that sunscreen creams are used regularly. But laser epilation which is applied to facial areas or other open areas in some patients may be risky considering the summer conditions.

How long do laser epilation sessions take?

Each session is completed in different times according to the width of application area.

For example, large areas such as whole legs and back take about 1-1,5 hours; smaller areas such as armpits, genital area and face take 10-15 minutes; mustache and chin areas take 2-3 minutes. 

Session frequency for epilation areas is 1-1,5 months on face area and 1-2 months on body area. 

As the treatment progresses, session intervals get longer.


Why multiple sessions are required for laser epilation treatment?

Body hair has three developmental stages called anagen, catagen, and telogen. Each hair root passes through these circuits at different times independently.

Laser epilation mostly affects the hair in the anagen period. For this reason, it is not possible to destroy all the hairs on treatment area in one session.


 Is skin color important for laser epilation?

Laser epilation method is a more effective method for the people with white skin color and dark hair color. As the skin color gets darker, doses are reduced to prevent skin burn. Thus, efficiency is reduced.

However, since laser devices can make special adjustments to the application area, doses are lowered to levels that will not harm the skin in people with dark skin and bronze skin.

Is laser epilation a painful treatment?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different than others, but the pain is not at an unbearable level. Pain disappears immediately after the shots. 


Do skin burn and spots appear on the skin after laser epilation?


After the procedure, slight pinkness and swelling in hair roots can be seen. Skin turns into normal again after about half an hour.

Laser epilation treatment should be performed by professional physicians. Otherwise, there may be such a risk. For this reason, the professional who will apply the procedure, treatment area and type of devices are extremely important.

Are the results of laser epilation permanent?

With today's advanced high-tech lasers, it seems unlikely to encounter hairing again after complete removal if applied in effective doses.

In laser epilation, it is generally necessary not to be under the age of 18 for women and 20 for men in order to expect a permanent result. In addition, it is not possible to specify a definite result for people who have hormonal disorders. 


What to pay attention before laser epilation?

Waxing, epilator, tweezers, and thread should not be used to remove hairs until at least one month before laser epilation.

Hair can be shortened with a razor, hair removal cream or hair trimmer. Using razors will never strengthen the hair roots or thicken your floss.

During the epilation period, the sun should be avoided and sunscreen creams should be used. Until 15 days before laser epilation, tanning and solarium should also be avoided.

If peeling products are used, they should be stopped 15 days before the procedure. You should apply to medical centres where laser epilation is carried out under physician control.


What to pay attention after laser epilation?

You can return to your normal life immediately after treatment. There is no obstacle for doing make-up on application area. 

It should be avoided to tough hot water within the first 24 hours after procedure. If laser epilation has been applied on open areas of the skin, sunscreen creams should be used until the next session in sunny weather.

Hair roots that are treated with laser epilation start to grow and fall out within 3 to 10 days. 


Can everyone undergo laser epilation? 

The person should not have any hormonal disorder to undergo laser epilation. Laser epilation is not applied to people whose hair growth is not completed. In addition, laser epilation method is not applied to people with skin diseases, people with white, yellow and red hair color, cancer patients, people using drugs that make them sensitive to light.


Does laser epilation have side effect?

Laser epilation has no permanent side effect if applied with appropriate energy values for the skin and hair type. 

There might be mild redness, swelling and burning for a short time after the procedure but these symptoms disappear spontaneously within a few hours after treatment. Redness can continue for 2-3 days in overly sensitive skin.


What is the price of laser epilation treatment?

Since it provided permanent solution, laser epilation which is preferred by women and men for removing and destroying undesired hair, is performed painlessly compared to other methods.

Session prices of laser epilation vary according to the application area and hair nature. Skin type, skin color and hair structure of people who want to have laser epilation treatment are examined. After this procedure, the person is informed about the number of required sessions. For this reason, you need to visit our clinic for the most detailed price information. You can contact us for all your questions about laser epilation procedure in İstanbul.



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