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Cosmetic Dermatology

Carbon Peeling

Laser carbon peeling application is a solution to many different skin problems such as sunspots, acne spots, skin spots such as age spots, black spots, shallow wrinkles, large pores, skin sagging, excessive oily skin.

Even after the first application of the carbon peeling process, you can notice the renewal of your skin and observe the tightening of the pores on your skin.

Some spots occur on the skin surface due to sun exposure without protection, aging, changing hormone balance during adolescence and pregnancy and many other reasons. Many people are uncomfortable with the spots that appear and do not disappear on the skin surface.

Although ways are tried to alleviate the stains with natural ways or products sold in the market, sufficient positive effects cannot be achieved.

For this reason, there are many studies in both the medical field and the cosmetic field in order to lighten or best remove skin spots. 

There are many professional applications that enable to get rid of the spots on the skin surface as soon as possible and in the most successful way. Some of these are peeling applications that aim to remove spots by peeling the upper layer of the skin.


Today, laser carbon peeling that enables to get rid of skin spots in a shorter time and successfully has become a popular procedure which is preferred by many people. 

Laser carbon peeling is the peeling process of the skin in a highly safe way by using laser device with the help of carbon components applied on the skin surface.

One of the most important features of carbon peeling is that it offers highly safe solution for removing spots and provides very positive results.

What are the benefits of laser carbon peeling?

  • Removing spots on the skin surface caused by sun and aging

  • Reducing large pores on the skin

  • Preventing skin sagging and gaining tightness

  • Increasing collagen production

  • Removing wrinkles 

  • Renewing brightness and tone of the skin

  • Preventing skin oiling

  • Reducing and cleaning black spots

  • Preventing acne formation

How is laser carbon peeling applied?

Before starting laser carbon peeling procedure, skin surface is cleaned with a solution. A peeling cream with carbon particles and black color, which is beneficial for the skin, is applied to the cleansed skin surface.

It is very important that the carbon particles in the cream are highly absorbed by the skin. For this reason, the cream is left on the skin surface for 15-20 minutes until it dries in order for the skin to absorb the cream and the cream to affect all pores on the skin.

It is carried out by shooting with a Q-switched Nd: fat laser system on the fluid, which is applied to the skin surface, produced specifically for the application and contains dense carbon atoms. In these shots, all of the carbon applied to the skin surface explodes and creates a low level of damage on the surface.

The energy applied and the low level of damage that occurs also enable an activation on the skin surface, triggering the collagen production of the skin, and the elastin fibers that provide skin elasticity, tighten the skin.

Thanks to the shots made with laser device, the carbon particles that have been absorbed by the skin are exploded and a superficial peeling process occurs on the upper layer of the skin with the resulting heat.



How long does laser carbon peeling affect? 

Like many cosmetic procedures, the effect of carbon peeling application is temporary. If the necessary care is not given to the skin, the pores on the skin may expand again or new scars may be observed with the increase in the oil rate on the skin., wrinkles may become apparent Therefore, laser carbon peeling is recommended to be repeated at least once in 6 months, depending on skin type and skin problems.


What are the advantages of carbon peeling?

  • It can be applied in every season of the year regardless of winter or summer.

  • Visibly positive effects are seen. 

  • It makes the skin beautiful. 

  • People can continue their daily life after the procedure.

  • There is no scarring or crusting on the skin surface after carbon peeling. 

How does laser carbon peeling affect?

In laser carbon peeling procedure, carbon peeling applied on the skin has a largely significant healing effect on the skin surface. Carbon peeling has many beneficial factors on skin surface if kept on the skin as a mask.

With the scientifically proven healing properties of laser lights, these lights pass under the skin from the moment they are sent to the skin and penetrate under the skin by including the carbon on the skin.

In this way, much more rapid and effective treatment is provided under the skin. Carbon particles which penetrate under the skin with carbon peeling start to function more quickly in order to overcome skin spots, skin aging, sagging and many other skin problems with the heating effect of laser lights. 

All these effects are seen as a result of increasing collagen production with the heat of laser lights. In the end, carbon peeling is a skin rejuvenating treatment which offers more successful and safer results by using the power of carbon and laser together.

 Can laser carbon peeling be used together with other skin rejuvenation methods? 
Laser carbon peeling provides benefits such as pore reduction, spot treatment, skin rejuvenation, and when used with other methods, the effectiveness of the treatment can be increased. It can be used alternatively with mesotherapy and fractional radiofrequency.


Is laser carbon peeling a painful procedure?

During the procedure, people may have a slight increase in temperature on their skin and a slight pinprick sensation due to the laser, but laser carbon peeling is not a painful procedure.


How long does carbon peeling take?

In the carbon peeling process, it takes 15-20 minutes to first clean the skin and then apply the carbon particle peeling mask to the skin surface and wait until it dries. The following process only takes 10 minutes.


How many sessions is carbon peeling applied?

Laser carbon peeling is generally applied as 5-8 sessions. However, the number of sessions may change from person to person due to the difference of problems on the skin and skin surface of each person.


 Does laser carbon peeling have side effects?

A significant side effect is generally not seen after a laser carbon peeling process. Even very rare, there may be itchiness and swelling can be seen on the treatment area after the procedure. However, these effects are short-term and temporary. 


What to pay attention after laser carbon peeling procedure?

It is recommended not to have hot shower on the day of laser carbon peeling process. In addition, it is necessary to avoid extremely hot environments such as Turkish bath, sauna, solarium and direct exposure to the sun.


What is the price of laser carbon peeling 

The price of laser carbon peeling changes depending on the session number. It is primarily necessary to have pre-consultation with a profession in order to determine the session number appropriate for your skin structure.

After pre-consultation, the physician will decide the session number according to the skin type and treatment need of the skin of a person. You can have pre-consultation and receive information about prices by making appointment on our website. 








I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.