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Cosmetic Dermatology

Forehead Reshaping

Forehead reshaping procedures, also known as convex forehead aesthetics, are used to provide a younger and healthier appearance to the forehead area. Convex forehead filler application is done in order for patients with slightly indented foreheads to have a more convex looking forehead. Thanks to forehead reshaping using fillers, it is possible to achieve the desired shape in the forehead region. People are subjected to forehead reshaping procedures in order to achieve a more feminine profile; however, this does not mean that this procedure is only for men. Women can also have clearly masculine features and reduce their facial feminine appearance. These features can include a more defined jawline, narrower forehead or a more apparent forward extension of the brow area. Forehead reshaping can sometimes be done as part of a facial feminisation surgery. However, this is not the only application field. It can also be done for purposes such like widening the brow ridge, achieving a broad / sloping forehead appearance. The pricing of forehead line fillers can vary according to the procedure to be administered. You can find all the details you are looking for regarding forehead reshaping on this post.

Why Is Forehead Reshaping Necessary?

The forehead takes up nearly 40% of the whole facial surface. It dominates all other facial features and impacts aesthetic appearance, therefore if it is uneven in any way it effects the shape of your entire face. For example, you may feel that your forehead and the area between your eyebrows are too wide or too apparent and create a “saggy” effect above your eyes. The shape of your forehead may be asymmetric, too masculine or too feminine or incompatible with the rest of your facial features. Also, some forehead shapes can be aesthetically uncomfortable for people. Applications like convex forehead fillers are administered for these kinds of situations. Forehead reshaping filler applications can be chosen by women to have a more feminine looking forehead and by men to have a more masculine looking forehead. Forehead reshaping can also be done in some cases to make facial expressions more apparent and expressed in a healthy way. Forehead enhancing exercises can partially be effective, however forehead reshaping filler applications are recommended for a permanent effect. People who have had forehead fillers have gotten rid of their complaints regarding this issue in a short time. If you are unhappy with the shape of your forehead you can consult a specialist physician to find out possible solutions. Convex forehead aesthetic application is one of the options.

Convex Forehead Aesthetic Applications

If you have deep wrinkles on your forehead, wrinkles between your eyebrows or on the upper part of your nose, sagging skin or excess fat tissue over your eyes, you can get rid of these conditions with convex forehead aesthetic applications. Just like in many other aesthetic procedures, hyaluronic acid is used during forehead reshaping with fillers. Hyaluronic acid (link) is a vital substance present in all of our body tissues. One of its most important roles is to prevent skin ageing. Anaesthetic creams are used prior to the convex forehead procedure, which is completed in a very short time. Therefore, the patient does not even feel that the application is being administered. Convex forehead procedure is completed painlessly in about 15-20 mins. You can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure. Nevertheless, forehead reshaping using fillers is not recommended for everyone that demands it. We may all have some details on our body, fave and forehead that we do not want. However, your doctor’s approval is needed for an intervention such as this one. You can get in touch with your doctor regarding forehead aesthetic application pricing and other details.  

Are There Any Side Effects Of Forehead Reshaping?

As is the case with all aesthetic applications, what is important for those who want to get forehead fillers is that the procedure is done by a doctor experienced in this field. In this case, your doctor will diligently examine all situations that may constitute a risk for you and inform you prior to the application. Following the application of forehead reshaping using fillers, some redness and bruising may be experienced for a few days. These will go away in a short time.



I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.