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Cosmetic Dermatology

Skin Care

As it is known, one of the general problems of many people today, regardless of age, is skin problems. As a matter of fact, since this is a very wide and detailed subject, it should definitely be explained well. Because skin care involves much more effects than provided by just a few cosmetics. Therefore, whatever life we live, even a disease can trigger these problems. In this case, the patient who experiences any of the skin problems should consult a physician if she cannot solve her problem.

What Are Skin Problems?

As mentioned in the text above, skincare wants to manipulate skin problems. Because a healthy skin without any problems will not need a great deal of care. As a result, many problems such as acne, acne scars, bruises, spots, blackheads can be collected under this heading. Of course, people who have such problems should consider whether the problem is chronic or not. In other words, while periodic acnes are harmless and natural, it should be taken care of if this problem is permanent. On the other hand, we can say that some periodical problems are specific to certain ages. Because it is quite common for a teenager to experience acne problems. In addition, how much skin problems affect the person is an issue that should be emphasized. To summarize skin problems briefly; comparing it with a normal healthy human face will show results. Therefore, there are different states encountered in every person.

What Is Acne? Acne Treatment

Acne is a pimple that is located on the skin, slightly raised and can sometimes be inflamed. As a matter of fact, it makes people very uncomfortable due to its unpleasant appearance. Moreover, acne that is mostly seen in young people affects the psychology of young people in this period very badly. But it should not be forgotten that acne has no harm to the body. In other words, it may be the product of an unhealthy life rather than any health problem. After all, factors such as nutritional disorders, insufficient sleep, stress can also cause acne. If such a problem is encountered chronically, the living conditions should definitely be reviewed. For example, ready-made and harmful foods such as fast food and chips greatly support acne formation. In fact, skin health can be greatly damaged as a result of these products. Therefore, before starting acne treatment, people should try to adapt healthy nutrition as a supportive treatment. Acne treatment is usually carried out with the creams and ointments prescribed by the doctor. At the same time, soap recommendations reducing skin oil are also effective in accelerating the treatment process. But it should not be forgotten, acne should never be squeezed unconsciously. Because acne can leave scars on the skin as a result of incorrect squeezing and can cause bigger problems.

What Is Skin Bruise? Skin Bruises Treatment

Skin bruises are generally seen chronically. For example, dark circles under eyes which are most commonly seen in women, are a characteristic that is transferred to us through our genes. However, as every skin problem can be diagnosed, it is possible to solve this problem with the right treatment. First of all, we would like to remind you that skin bruises are not only around the eyes. Because it may appear partially in other parts of the face and body. As a matter of fact, discoloration on the skin does not reflect a pleasant appearance. And it becomes uncomfortable, prompting people to seek treatment. It is possible to eliminate skin bruises with methods such as laser. But these operations should be analyzed from a wider perspective; otherwise it can be troublesome. However, after the necessary examinations are made, treatments that are applied by the doctor recommendations are safe. Of course, there are other treatment methods than laser applications. If the skin bruises are not very deep and dark; they can be treated with a number of natural methods. One of the methods known to be useful for this problem is vegetables such as cucumbers. Because the water contained in cucumber is very successful in lightening the skin color. Therefore, if applied regularly, bruises decrease. At the same time, it should be reminded that cucumber gives brightness to the skin and it is applied as a mask. Another natural treatment method is potatoes. The effect of potato on the skin is the same as cucumber; it is harmless and has color lightening effect.

What Is Blackhead? Blackhead

Blackheads are another common skin problem as well as acne and acne scars. They can be seen all over the face, usually on and around the nose. However, its treatment takes much less time than an acne treatment. That's why a person with blackheads doesn't start seeking solution in the first place. Because face should be examined more detailed in order to detect blackheads. Blackhead is a problem caused by the oil under the skin coming to the surface and combining with the dirt there. As explained in the above paragraph, it is difficult to notice at first; but if not treated, it can turn into acne. Therefore, if you have blackheads, start looking for a solution instead of delaying the treatment. Treatment of blackheads is usually held in beauty centers, sometimes even in hairdressers. In addition, some simple methods can be used to solve this problem at home. An important point to be considered here is to open the skin pores at first. Because when the pores are opened, it becomes easier to remove blackheads. As a matter of fact, face is rested for a certain time after a steam bath. Then it is possible to remove blackhead with a small pair of tweezers. On the other hand, there are some natural treatment methods for blackheads. One of the most popular ones is the mask of yoghurt and lemon mixture. Mask is prepared by mixing these two ingredients with appropriate amounts. Then, it is applied on the problematic areas once in a week, excluding the eye area. However, you should be patient to receive a good result. Because the key factor to reach successful results in skin scar is the patience. In addition, other natural methods used in the treatment of blackheads are clay mask, baking soda, turmeric-mint, and aloe vera. If the yogurt and lemon mask did not give a satisfactory result, you can use other methods as well.

What Is Acne Scar? Acne Scars Treatment

Acne and acne scars are another reason of skin problems. In fact, pimples do not cause as much problem as acne. Because a simple pimple can appear even after a stressful day. However, it disappear itself in a few days without any treatment. But people who cannot tolerate pimples and who squeeze them carry this situation to bigger problems. Of course, the big problem here is acne scars. If a poorly cared skin causes this problem, it should be intervened properly. Otherwise, acne leaves scars on the face. However, in any case, it is possible to treat acne scars. A medical support can be received or a natural solution can be searched. Undoubtedly, natural treatment will be recommended the most since it is harmless. And again, in order to solve this problem, there are some masks that you can learn how to prepare by searching on the internet. Natural treatment of acne scars is possible with some masks that are good for other skin problems. For example, apple cider vinegar with acidic content; it is very successful in lightening skin color and removing scars. At the same time, lemon, also known to be acidic, is often preferred because it is natural and harmless. But before using lemon, a good skin test should be done. Because high amount of acid in lemon damages sensitive skin and can cause other scars. If you still insist on using lemon, you can dilute it with water. For example, a certain amount of lemon juice and tap water to dilute the acid can be mixed in a small bowl. It is then applied to the desired area. As a matter of fact, lemon treatment will give a very successful result. However, there are a few issues to be considered. While applying lemon cure, you should definitely stay away from the sun. Otherwise, the acidic content of lemon will create an adverse effect and cause more distinct scars. For this reason, lemon cure should be ideally applied before bedtime. Then, the face is washed with cold water in the morning and it is repeated three days in a week. Thus, you will achieve the desired result in a very short time of two weeks.

Place of Natural Recipes in Skin Care

With the development of technology and ultimately many other fields, healthcare institutions have also developed. As a matter of fact, people are now much more conscious and experienced than before. However, alternative medicine still has an important place. Because people can open up to medicines and doctor's recommendations as much as they want, the place of natural cures is always the same. Moreover, it is known that these ingredients are made up of completely harmless components. And yet, the results will not change much, even if you receive recommendations from the experienced people. Because the structure in which drugs and other treatment methods are supported comes from the nature. For example, even the strongest antibiotics contain some complicated natural ingredients. For this reason, as long as there are no major problems, the miracles of nature can definitely be used.

Information About Skin Care

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors imposed by living in a media age is beauty. After all, people know how effective their physical appearance is and shape their life accordingly. However, for a pleasant physical appearance and healthy skin, the essential thing is pursuing a healthy life. Therefore, a good life is essential for a good appearance. And As the matter of fact, beauty centers function with a target-driven understanding. In other words, instead of giving advice about pursuing a healthy life, they immediately offer an alternative solution to a person whose skin health is impaired. Of course, this solution is more attractive to people, considering the renewal of the skin and the length of this process. And with some cures applied right after, the damages are tried to be repaired or the problem is tried to be prevented with procedures such as mesotherapy. After all, the beauty concept has revealed a new industry, including skin care. Many clinics deal with such problems today, unlike hospitals. And all clinics have their own treatment methods and solutions. But in any case, external factors that spoil the "human beauty" are eliminated. Another point is that skin care is no longer only available in beauty centers and hairdressers. Because now, men pay attention to their appearance and care themselves as much as women. As a matter of fact, many conscientious barbers also offer such a service to their customers as well as shaving. However, it should be noted here, most of the methods applied in beauty centers consist of natural treatments. In other words, alternative medicine is repeated in a considerable way. Therefore, the comparisons in the top section are still valid.

Why Is Skin Care Important?

Skin care is essential for every person who values themselves and cares about their appearance. Because the life cycle where people live can often wear them out. Thus, some reasons such as air pollution, improper living standards, sleep disorders can lead to an unhealthy appearance. However, many movements in human nature say that such a life is contradictory. Therefore, the problems and damages on our skin and hair are also one of the topics this life has given us. In this case, skin care reaches an important stage at least as much as our general body health. Because the tired expression on the face can become strangely chronic after a while. And in such conditions, taking early action is definitely one of the important factors that delay aging. As a matter of fact, when people do not have enough time for themselves, it is inevitable to get older earlier. However, it is possible to discover specific methods by creating a time in this timelessness. Ultimately, everyone should have a good care routine. If skin care is not carried out under the necessary conditions, it can lead to bigger problems. For example, acne that is not treated for a long time may become inflamed and even cause pain. But if a person feels that she is caring herself enough, she will already seek this solution. That is why skin care also contributes to self-esteem and other values thar you give yourself.

Skin Care Recommendations

The last topic about skin care can be some suggestions again. If you have a problem with your skin and you are confused by the bulk of information on the internet, you should definitely read this part. As a matter of fact, establishing an appropriate skin care routine requires knowing yourself well. In order to ensure that, the first step of skin care recommendations must be knowing yourself. You can have a simple skin test or get support from beauty centers. Then, a skin care routine is formed with the advice given by the experts or the appropriate natural remedies. Thus, skin problems are immediately eliminated with the supports made for 1-2 days a week. In fact, existing problems are not only eliminated but also you gain an appearance that will be admired by many other people. Of course, the first thing you need to do for this is to observe your own skin sufficiently. Therefore, when the necessary solution is provided, there will be no skin problems that cannot be fixed.

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.