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Cosmetic Dermatology

Salmon DNA treatment

Salmon DNA treatment is one of the skin rejuvenation methods in which pure hyaluronic acid and DNA molecules obtained from salmon sperm are used for cell renewal in the skin.

While every woman dreams of a glowing skin without makeup, every man wants to minimize aging symptoms. However, it is not easy to resist the brutality of time.

Over the years, human skin loses its vitality and elasticity as a result of aging and environmental factors. The main reason of this problem is that there is not sufficient amount of substances in the skin structure, especially hyaluronic acid, which help regenerate cells, or the amount of these substances decreases over time due to aging.

As a result, the quality of your skin decreases; looks drier and pale. There are many skin applications in order to revitalize the dead skin and support cell production. However, one of the most popular methods in recent times about this subject is the Salmon DNA application which is known as youth vaccine.

Although this application, which has magnificent effects on the skin, is an easy method like a skin care application, you need to consider it different from classical care. Let’s have a look what is the salmon DNA serum therapy, which is preferred because it has the same chemical structure as human DNA and is the most popular application of recent times.


What Is Salmon DNA Procedure?

DNA serum used in salmon DNA application is a composition obtained from the blood and sperm of salmon fish and called the youth elixir. Salmon DNA serum helps to produce polynucleotide substance that forms the basis of the skin and helps regenerate cells.

The content of the serum contains essential amino acids such as hyaluronic acid, Glycine, L proline, L Lysine, L Leucine, which are naturally found in human skin but decrease with environmental factors and aging.

Salmon DNA application is the process of injecting the vaccine prepared with this composition into the skin.

This vaccine helps the skin regain the moisture it needs thanks to the intense hyaluronic acid and molecules it contains. In the first stage of the process, the moisture molecules lost are restored in the skin with hyaluronic acid.

Protein supplement is provided to the skin with DNA serum given in the second session. The skin, whose elasticity increases after this injection procedure, quickly repairs itself. All you have to do is start each new day with the pleasure of waking up refreshed after this application.

In Which Situations Is Salmon DNA Application Needed and Where Can It Be Applied?

Salmon DNA youth vaccine is not only preferred by women but also by men. It can be applied to all patients regardless of young or old.

Since it can be applied in every season and is a practical method, it is a very widespread method in correcting skin problems. Salmon DNA procedure is needed in many situations. There are usually as follow:

  • 1. In order to restore moisture and brightness to the skin that has lost its vitality due to environmental factors and suffers from dryness and dullness.
  • 2., In the treatment of blackheads and acne scars on the skin which occur over the time
  • 3. In order to reduce wrinkles caused by aging
  • 4. In order to remove dark circles under the eyes caused by genetic factors, lifestyle or aging
  • 5. In order to correct damaged skin structure due to hormonal changes during menopause period in women
  • 6. In order to improve the skin quality which is damaged by smoking and alcohol consumption
  • 7. In the treatment of skin disorders caused by irregular medicine use and side effects of some medications
  • 8. In cases where the skin vitality is lost due to severe stress
  • 9. In the treatment of neck and décolleté wrinkles and correcting regional sagging
  • 10. In order to reduce the appearance of cracks during pregnancy or after weight loss
  • 11. In order to improve the appearance of hands which are damaged by aging or working at heavy jobs
  • 12. In order to eliminate sagging in inner arms and knees
  • 13. In order to reduce undereye bags
  • 14. In order to reduce settled mimic lines
  • 15. In order to destroy orange-shaped appearance on the skin

How Is Salmon DNA Vaccine Applied?

The skin needs an infrastructure process to be prepared for salmon DNA treatment. This infrastructure process takes about 15 days as a part of the treatment process.

During the preparation process, an intense moisturization is applied to the skin with hyaluronic acid. After moisturizing, the skin is ready for treatment. Salmon DNA treatment is applied under the skin with a method called microinjection using micro needles.

Before starting the application, treatment area is cleaned with an antiseptic liquid and the area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. In the second stage, a special serum produced by making use of the milk and sperm of salmon fish, which is named after the application, is injected into the skin. Thanks to the content of the serum, the protein and vitamins needed by the skin are restored after the procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Salmon DNA Vaccine Treatment?

Salmon DNA vaccine is a cell regenerative vaccine. Salmon milk and sperm contained in the vaccine increase the collagen and elasticity fibres in the skin. Thanks to this reinforcement, the skin quickly recovers and tightens. There is a visible improvement in sagging skin. Especially in the wrinkles that we call crow's feet around the eyes, serious reduction is seen observed over time. Salmon DNA application, which is very popular compared to many recent applications, is preferred as a very reliable and effective method thanks to many clinical trials that have been proven to be useful. Since it does not leave any scars or symptoms after the application, you do not need to suspend your daily life during the treatment period. However, small rashes and bruises may occur in sensitive skin caused by the needle tip in some cases. Although this does not pose a serious problem, rashes and bruises disappear in a short time, like in half a day.

What to Pay Attention Before Salmon DNA Application?

There are some points which should be paid attention until about one week before the DNA vaccine. One week before the procedure, it is necessary to;

  • 1. Stop using blood thinning drugs
  • 2. Avoid alcohol consumption
  • 3. Avoid such applications as rubbing and peeling that will scale the skin and increase sensitivity
  • 4. Stop using creams containing glycolic acid
  • 5. Protect the treatment area from the skin and use sunscreens
  • 6.Avoid make-up on the treatment day

What to Pay Attention After Salmon DNA Application

Youth DNA vaccine has no harm to human health. In addition, it is an application that has been proven not to have an allergy risk as a result of clinical research. However, there are some points to be considered after the injection process. Blood thinners should not be used after the application. Swelling, bruising and edema may be seen as side effects of these drugs if used. It is also very important to protect the skin from sunlight after the application. While being protected from the harmful rays of the sun as much as possible, you should definitely go out with a reliable sunscreen. Just like before the application, the procedures that will peel the skin should be avoided for a while. It is very important to protect the treatment area from physical contact and water in order to prevent any allergic reaction. It is necessary to prevent water contact especially during the last 24 hours.

How Often and How Many Sessions Should Salmon DNA Be Applied?

For Salmon DNA vaccine, which is a painless application, there is no need for general anesthesia before application and it is applied in a short time of 15-20 minutes. Although the process of salmon DNA treatment varies according to the skin structure of the person, it is generally recommended to apply at least one and at most five sessions. Frequency of the application is also determined by the needs of the skin. Sessions should be repeated with 1-3 week intervals. When successful results are obtained, the frequency of the application decreases accordingly. However, sessions should be more frequent in problematic skin. Visible improvements are observed after regular treatment. You will feel the change and vitality in your skin after each application.

What Is the Difference Between Salmon DNA and Aesthetic Procedures?

Salmon DNA treatment is a form of treatment applied by mesotherapy method. In this method, the skin tissue is improved and restructured with the serum injected under the skin. There is no change in the natural expression of the face as no external factors are applied during the aforementioned reconstruction and no intervention is made to the muscle structure. Skin problems recover at maximum level only after the treatment.

Which Procedures Can Be Performed Concurrent with Salmon DNA Application?

Salmon DNA procedure is not an ordinary beauty application only, it is a treatment method as well. Therefore, as in all treatment methods, some points should be paid attention to while applying Salmon DNA vaccine in order to avoid any health risks or to get maximum benefit from the application. When applied before the DNA vaccine to be applied to remove wrinkles, it supports and accelerates removal of wrinkles. However, when the same process is done with the filling process, it has the opposite effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply the vaccine to the area where the filling procedure is applied. In other skin problems, when the treatment process is supported by applications such as laser and radiofrequency, it helps to achieve more successful results in a short time.

In Which Cases Is Salmon DNA Inconvenient?

  • Salmon DNA treatment is not recommended to;
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Patients with cardiac and vascular diseases
  • People with blood coagulation disorders
  • People who have open wounds on the treatment area
  • Cancer patients
  • People with herpes virus
  • Diabetic patients using insulin
  • People with the risk of paralysis
  • Patients under the age of 18

How Long Does Salmon DNA Vaccine Affect?

After a correct and healthy treatment, Salmon DNA vaccine preserves its first effect for a whole year. However, it is very important to pay attention to the warnings in order to protect the skin not only during the application but also afterwards. With the Salmon DNA vaccine, you will have a younger skin and you will welcome a brighter skin every morning.

How Is Pricing of Salmon DNA Determined?

The price of Salmon DNA treatment, which can be described as the elixir of youth, varies individually. Therefore, it is difficult to determine a price before the examination. While determining the price, many factors such as the skin structure, skin problem and the size of treatment area play an important role. In addition, the number of sessions that each patient will need varies according to the person. However, the price of treatment is determined after a healthy examination.

What Are the Side Effects of Salmon DNA Vaccine?

This procedure, which does not carry any risk for human health, has no serious side effect. There may be slight rash, itchiness, burning, edema and bruise although it changes according to the skin type and sensitivity. These complications that occur on sensitive skin disappear in maximum one week. The procedure does not cause negative affects which will affect working and social life of a person.

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.