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Cosmetic Dermatology

Medical Hand and Foot Care

Medical hand and foot care covers supportive health applications performed before the treatment of some skin and nail diseases that are the problems of many people these days or to accelerate the treatment. 

Our hands and feet need professional care like our whole body. Hand and foot care is quite important for our health and aesthetic appearance, and if it is not done with proper technique in sterilized environment, it may cause some health problems in our hands and feet. 

Personal care which is done at home does not provide the same effect with medical care. 

 In this case, it will be very useful to get support from professionals. Hand and foot care is highly important to increase one’s life quality as well as concerning personal health and aesthetic. 

It is very important for circulatory and nervous system that hand and foot care is carried out under sterile and hygienic conditions without disturbing the person or causing pain. 

Hygienic nail cut and design, cleaning and polishing of nail surface, removing of thickened skin are carried out with hand and foot care tools. This is a special care for both aesthetics and health. Our hands are one of the areas which are mostly exposed to external factors. 

Hands can be greatly irritated due to cold weather, especially in winter. Therefore, special care is needed for the hands. Medical hand care has a visible effect, applied in the field of health and aesthetics.

Generally, the diagnosis of hand and foot problems is a whole which includes protective and care precautions. All organs of human body are affected by feet. Therefore, foot care is one of the most important cares that should not be neglected for a person’s health. 

Foot care is greatly important for health. Since feet frequently contact with salty and sweet water especially in summer months, they need more care. 

By medical foot care, thickened and fungal nails can be mechanically cleaned, therefore, nail fungus located under the nail bed can be directly reached. Foot care is an important situation that cannot be neglected. Our feet which are the most damaged organs and carry our whole body weight are exposed to such problems as cracks, ingrown nail problems and drying by lacking moisture. 

These problems cause feet to have an unpleasant appearance and pose some risks for the health. 

With medical foot care applications, the feet which are worn out by insufficient foot care, improper nail cut, calluses, shoe pinches and fungus are professionally cared. 

It is possible for your hands and feet to regain their former vitality and health with routine medical hand and foot care. Medical hand and foot care are carried out with the help of medical devices and special burr tips without using cutting tools that are used in classical manicure pedicure procedures.  

Medical hand and foot care can be done painlessly under sterile and hygienic conditions without disturbing the person.

Considering that all body organs related to human health are affected by hands and feet, the importance of hand and foot care is realized one again. Thus, it is possible to protect the health of your circulatory and nervous system.

Hand and foot skin may experience dryness, cracking or scaly skin rashes due to the damage. 

In winter, the areas most affected by cold weather are the hands and soles. 

In addition to regular medical hand and foot care, there are also some measures people can take for hand and foot health. Peelings and creams used for hand and foot care at home will provide a little softening of the skin on hands and feet.

Nail cutting is another thing you should pay attention to for your hand and foot health. Nails can have soft or hard form depending on the genetic structure of a person. 

It will be more appropriate for people who have a hard nail structure to cut their nails when they are softened immediately after having shower. 

In this case, problems such as nail cracks can be prevented. If nail cutting is to be done in other times than after shower, nail surface should first be moisturized with a normal cream  or should stay in warm water for 10 minutes.

In this way, there will be softening in the nail bottom. When doing nail care and nail cutting, nails should be cut in a crescent shape and should not be cut too deep or too long.

The ideal length is the shortest length that does not hurt you when cutting your nails. In addition, hands and feet should be frequently cleaned with warm water and then carefully dried. It should be paid attention to use cotton socks and chose proper shoes. 

Today, medical hand and foot care are confused with manicure and pedicure. But medical hand and foot care are not like them. Medical hand and foot care is a more professional practice.

In medical hand and foot care, nails and cuticles are not cut, and feet are not kept in water or pumice is not applied. Sharp tools are not used as in manicure and pedicure.

The dead skin under the foot is cleaned with medical foot care, thus preventing skin thickening. However, many ailments are prevented with this treatment. 

Thanks to medical hand and foot care, problems such as ingrown nail and foot fungus arising from incorrect applications and non-sterile conditions during manicure and pedicure can be prevented.

During medical hand and foot care, there is no infection risk since cuticles are not cut or any other cutting is not performed.

Diabetic patients may experience loss of sensation in their feet and it becomes difficult for them to feel pain compared to a person with healthy circulation.

For this reason, special devices are used instead of sharp and pointed tools for diabetic feet.

It is also possible to say that medical hand and foot care is an advantageous application for people with special conditions at this point.

 What do medical hand and foot care include?

Medical foot hare includes many kind of treatments such as ingrown nail care, deformed nail care, fungal nair care, pregnancy foot care and diabetic foot care. 

In addition, orsthesis applications, calluses care and cracked heel care are covered by medical hand and foot care. 

Medical Hand Care

Our hands are the organs which are exposed to external factors the most. For this reason, they need special care which should be applied regularly. 

Medical hand care is a special care applied in health and aesthetic filed. Hands are sterilized at first before the procedure. Then, they are controlled with lightened loops and procedure is started if there is not any problem.

Medical Foot Care

The initial stage of this procedure is also just like medical hand care. In addition, special cleaning methods are applied for heel cracks. With this method, hard skin and calluses are removed and feet are moistened with suitable moisturizers

 Ingrown Nail Care

Choosing improper shoes cause the problem of ingrown nail. Ingrown nail problem may occur with swelling of the feet, especially during pregnancy.

Hygienic environment should be provided before the treatment of this disorder, which is generally seen in toes. 

After providing necessary hygiene, local anesthesia is applied and ingrown nail treatment is carried out painlessly. Thus, the root part of ingrown nail is rasped with a special tool and it is prevented to occur again.

Deformed Nail Care

Deformed nail treatment starts with thinning the nail and nail bed is checked. After this control, suitable treatment method is applied to the person.

Fungal Nail Care

Fungus formation on the nail is completely cleaned with special rasps and nail is prepared for treatment. Treatment process continues until the fungus on nail completely disappears and nail is recovered from fungus. 

Orthesis Applications – Callus Care

The callused area is completely cleaned of dead skin, then the callus is softened by massaging with special ointments containing urea. Thanks to these special ointments containing urea, recurrence of callus formation is prevented.

Cracked Heel Care

Cracked heels are softened and the thick keratin layer around the crack is cleaned and the heel is softened with special moisturizers.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic people who have irregular and high blood sugar have more foot problems than healthy people.

Wounds caused by tissue nutrition disorders because of stenosis and blockages in the feet of diabetic patients due to circulatory insufficiency are called diabetic feet.

In diabetics, it is very important to perform regular care and controls by professionals from the moment of diagnosis in order to prevent diabetic foot formation.

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.