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Cosmetic Dermatology

Lipolysis and cellulite mesotherapy

Lipolysis is a treatment method in which the active ingredients are injected to the relevant area, which breaks down fat tissue on regional fattening and cellulitis areas and excretes through urine. 

With this process, the fibrous bands formed in the fat tissue are broken down, microcirculation is regulated, thus removing the appearance of cellulite and increasing the skin quality. Mesotherapy treatment has been used in the treatment of slimming and cellulite for many years.


Mesotherapy is a treatment method in which active substance mixture is injected under the skin in order to break down fats, activate fat tissues and stimulate collagen production.

This treatment method is used to recover cellulitis and fatty areas which still continue despite diet and exercise. Cellulitis is caused by trapped fat cells.

Cellulitis is generally seen in adolescence years. 

Cellulitis may occur as a result of weight gain, unhealthy nutrition, wearing narrow and skinny clothes and lack of movements. During pregnancy, a high amount of fat is stored especially in legs, hips, arms and abdomen. 

This situation causes cellulitis appearance. Cellulitis can also be seen in obese, normal-weighed and thin people. Cellulitis is not related to the body weight of a person. 

However, it is known that weight increases the problem of cellulite. Weight gain from the hips not only increases the appearance of cellulite in the body, but also negatively affects the psychology of people.

Because of this situation, people lose their self-confidence and prefer the clothes that will hide their cellulitis appearance. This is a big problem for people who like to dress as they wish and who are fond of their freedom.

Cellulitis is a negative situation for many people. Mesotherapy cellulitis treatment which targets the structural problems under the skin causing cellulitis is a treatment method that is used when no solution can be found after using natural methods. 

Cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy repairs micro circulation and prevents edema in the tissue. It breaks down the fats and minimizes the size of fat nodules. It provides improvement in the appearance of cellulite by restructuring the impaired connective tissue.

Mesotherapy is used in the treatment of cellulite, which is seen in various degrees in 85 percent of women today. In addition, the mesotherapy procedure helps to tighten the skin by recovering the sagging skin after weight loss.


What are the reasons of cellulitis formation?

  • Genetic factors,

  • Hormonal disorders,

  • Circulatory disorders,

  • Connective tissue weakness,

  • Malnutrition (excessively oily, high carbohydrate foods, high sugar and caffeinated drinks and alcohol consumption),

  • Lack of movement,

It is known that rapid fat tissue storage in adolescence and pregnancy factors can lead to cellulite formation. 




How is cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy be applied?

The special formula containing some natural extracts, amino acids, medicines and vitamins is injected under the skin. The solution regenerates the cells and this makes the cells more active and increases collagen and elastin production.

When mesotherapy is injected to cellulitis areas, the formula increases regional metabolic rate of these areas, prevents fat storage and finally breaks down the existing fat cells. Body injections are applied are applied to certain areas where fattening and cellulitis are seen densely such as thighs, upper leg, upper arm and neck area.


How many sessions should cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy be applied?

Mesotherapy is recommended to the patients above the age of 20, it should be applied as 4-6 sessions for the most effective result.

Session number in cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy is determined according to the stage of cellulitis and structural features of the person.

Moreover, it is necessary to change the life standards in order to achieve long-lasting and permanent result from the treatment, for example, doing regular sports (walking, swimming or cycling), consuming much water, avoiding carbohydrate or fatty foods.


What are the benefits of cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy?

While ready-made drug mixtures can be used in mesotherapy, the specialist physician can also create a drug cocktail according to the patient's condition.

In the cocktail, there are medicines that will accelerate and regulate blood circulation, transmit the signals of fat breakdown, and regulate the organization of connective tissue.

Therefore, mesotherapy prevents edema formation in the tissue by correcting the microcirculation, breaking down the fat and allowing the fat nodules to shrink. It provides improvement in cellulite appearance by restructuring the impaired connective tissue.


Which areas can be treated with cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy treats fat deposits and cellulite in the abdominal area, bra swelling areas, inner thighs and knees, hips, upper arms and chin. Cellulite and Lipolysis Mesotherapy is an alternative and effective method for people who do not want to have operation. 


Is cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy painful?

Cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy is not a painful procedure that a person cannot endure. During the procedure, local anaesthetic creams are used to conform the patient.


Who cannot undergo cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy?

  • Patients with heart failure

  • Diabetics

  • Obesity patients

  • People with liver and renal diseases

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women

  • Patients undergoing anticoagulant treatment are not recommended to have cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy application. Lipolysis method is only used in the treatment of regional fattening.

What to pay attention after treatment 

Alcohol consumption should be prevented during treatment and recovery period since the fats are broken down thorough the liver. During the cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy treatment, sunbathing and solarium should be avoided. After the sensitivity and bruises on the skin heal after the treatment, there is no problem for sunbathing.


Does cellulitis and lipolysis mesotheraphy have side effects?

Side effects of cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy procedure are very rare. These are among the relevant side effects:

  • Rash,

  • Mild bleeding,

  • Bruising,

  • Swelling 

If these side effects occur, the effects improve spontaneously without any medical intervention.

During the cellulite and lipolysis mesotherapy process, non-allergen drugs are used. Therefore, the risk of side effects decreases.


I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.