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Cosmetic Dermatology

Marionette Fillers

“Marionette” means “puppet” in French. Based on the idea that people with small chins have a puppet-like appearance, the line from the corner of the mouth to the chin is called the Marionette line. The filler application applied to this area is called Marionette filler. In short, Marionette filler is a filler procedure in the chin area. With age, elastin and collagen components in the skin begin to weaken. The condition in question causes thinning of the skin and the appearance of lines and spaces, especially around the mouth. Marionette lines are one of them. Marionette lines cause the corners of the mouth to droop, causing patients to appear sad or angry even though they normally are not. On the other hand, the face contains many layers of fat under the skin. Especially in young women, these layers of fat are abundant in the skin. These are also the primary determining factors in face shape and curvature. Layers tend to decrease in volume or atrophy. These can cause deepening of marionette lines around the mouth and indentation around the mouth. With Marionette filler, such situations are eliminated. Those who have Marionette fillers are very satisfied with the procedure. After Marionette fillers, patients can easily achieve the appearance they desire in the chin area.

LÜTFEN SİLMEYİNİZ! Bu formatın dışarsında kalan içeriklerinizi bu alan üzerinden düzenleyebilirsiniz.

LÜTFEN SİLMEYİNİZ! Bu formatın dışarsında kalan içeriklerinizi bu alan üzerinden düzenleyebilirsiniz.

How Do Marionette Lines Disappear?

As in many parts of our face, it is possible to eliminate unwanted appearances on the chin with aesthetic interventions. Marionette lines will completely disappear after botox application. For medium to high intensity “marionette” lines, dermal fillers are injected into the corner of the chin. This pulls or lateralizes the fullness around the mouth caused by fatty atrophy. As a result, the folds around the rim are pulled outward from the corner of the mouth and the desired appearance is obtained. Marionette filler is a filler application that is completed in about 10 minutes. Using very small needles, hyaluronic acid substances are injected into the area. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. A short time after the procedure, Marionatte filler shows its effect.

Does Marionette Filler Hurt?

Those who have marionette fillers do not feel any pain during or after the procedure. Marionette filler is a completely painless method. Only during the insertion of the Marionette filler needles, a feeling similar to a fly bite occurs. Before the procedure, the chin area is examined in detail, and how much injection to be made to which part is determined. Topical anaesthesia is applied; After applying the cream with numbing properties, the selected toxin is injected into the relevant area with very thin and small needles.

Does Marionette Filler Work Immediately?

As with other filling applications, Marionette filler shows its effect in a short time. However, it may be necessary to wait 1 week for the full effect. After 1 week at the latest, the patient will achieve the desired look with Marionette filler. Of course, this process may differ from person to person. After the procedure, your doctor will check whether the treatment is effective and apply additional treatments if you encounter any problems.

What Should You Pay Attention To After Marionette Filler?

Marionette filler is performed with topical anaesthesia and takes a very short time. It is recommended to avoid any contact with the chin area on the day of the procedure. In addition, it is in the patient's interest to avoid extremely hot environments as much as possible. Because the botox used in the Marionette filler process can be denatured in such environments. This shortens the permanence of the Marionette filler application.

Does Marionette Filler Have Side Effects?

Marionette filler does not have any common side effects. If marionette filler poses any risks, your doctor will not approve this procedure. In the days following the application, your doctor will perform check-ups and recommend additional treatment options in case of any negative situations.

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.