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Cosmetic Dermatology

Neck and Decollete Wrinkles

Wrinkle appearance and skin sagging are not unique to the face area. The sensitive structure of neck and décolleté area is very vulnerable to the negative situations brought by time.

Decreasing cell renewal rate by the aging, stress, improper sleeping position and the posture while using technological devices such as notebook and telephone accelerate the formation of lines. 

Many treatment methods are applied for the neck and decollate area, which is the key factor for younger and prettier appearance.

With the neck décolleté wrinkle treatment, it is aimed to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the neck, décolleté and jowl area. These areas can be intervened after certain ages. It is possible to intervene with low doses in the early period, according to the person's request.

The aim is to rejuvenate the wrinkled skin and gain a brighter appearance. Wrinkle problems manifest themselves at certain areas on the skin surface. Although the wrinkles are generally seen on whole body surface, some areas are exposed to more deformation. 

These are generally around the eyes, neck and décolleté area. There are many non-surgical methods for the treatment of wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area. The non-surgical methods used to remove wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area have become the first choice of people who do not want to have a surgical operation.

Due to the practical and quick results of the procedure, patients are satisfied even after the application. As a result of the treatment, people gain a younger and more dynamic appearance after the removal of fine lines and wrinkles.

Some areas on the skin are deformed earlier and cause people to look older. On the other hand, neck is the first area among the most neglected parts in human body. It is possible to have a younger neck and smoother décolleté with non-surgical methods.

Neck, which is generally neglected, is among the first places showing your age. Hyaluronic acid based fillers used to fill wrinkles, give volume to the face, augment lips offer quick and effective solutions in neck rejuvenation.

There are many ways to deal with the lines that occur in the neck and décolleté area with age. These are;

1- Salmon DNA

Skin aging is slowed down and the restructuring process is triggered with salmon DNA injection.

Salmon DNA provides cell renewal in the skin thanks to pure hyaluronic acid and DNA molecules from salmon sperm, and also provides a rapid rejuvenation and revitalization.

It is a kind of vitamin supplement. Salmon DNA therapy is a protein derived from salmon milk. With the aging process, collagen and elastin synthesis, the most important supplements of the subcutaneous tissue, slows down and reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid.

The skin looks pale and unhealthy and also aging symptoms start to be seen. Salmon DNA is a scientifically proven treatment known as the most natural source which can support missing proteins on the human skin. 

Large pores and skin spots caused by stress, air pollution, smoking, alcohol, harmful rays of the sun and aging are reduced and synthesis of collagen and elastin are accelerated with the effects of salmon DNA vaccine. 

Salmon DNA is suitable for every skin type and can be applied in every season. By the passing years, human skin loses its vitality and elasticity as a result of aging and environmental factors. 

The main reason of this problem is associated with the lack of some substances which normally exist in the skin structure and helps cell rejuvenation or decreasing amount of these substances over time due to aging. As a result, your skin quality decreases and it looks drier and pale. 

2- Pb Serum Mesotherapy 

Pb serum mesotherapy is a mesotherapy application reducing fine wrinkles on the neck and décolleté area and tightening the skin with high-molecular, loose cross-linked hyaluronic acid and lipase, lyase, collagenase enzymes.

Depending on the skin condition, it is applied as 1-3 sessions once in 3 weeks. Active substances from the Pb serum are enzymes. Enzymes are part of a biological system of a healthy person, repairing and rejuvenating the body. 

However, enzymes are simply efficient cellular catalysts responsible for controlling thousands of reactions in the cell.

Enzymes have been in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry for years as unique active ingredients in products developed through biotechnological research.


As a result of some research and tests, it has been seen that these enzymes used in cosmetic industry can guarantee visible and quick results since from the first application. Pb serum is examined in 3 different types.

These are listed as low, medium and high. Low is more effective for under-eye bags. Low series are used to tighten under-eye bags and open pores. Low series not only tightens under-eye bags but also tightens the whole skin and renews the skin at the same time.

Although it generally affects after two sessions, it may show its effect in one session as it varies from person to person. Medium series is mostly used for fat-filled tissues. It is also known as fat burned. It is mostly used arms, calves, abdomen and under the chin. 

Medium series of Pb serum not only burns fats but also tightens the application area. Duration of treatment varies from person to person. Symptoms may repeat in the person but Pb serum treatment can be applied again in this care. High series mostly contain collagenase. 

These series are used for the treatment of wounds, operation scars, burns, cracks, sagging and deep wrinkles.

Collagenase enzyme repairs these areas. It burns the old enzyme in these areas and replaces with new enzyme support, healing the tissue as a result. It shows its effect between 1-4 sessions depending on the person’s situation.

3- H-100 Vaccine

H100 vaccine stimulates moisturizing, lifting and collagen synthesis with contained hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and DMAE. 

H100 vaccine is used in the treatment of deformed, sagged, wrinkled, dried and damaged skin. 

H-100 vaccine increases the moisture capacity of the skin and enables the vitamins to directly reach under the skin that the skin cannot synthesize due to age and skin damage.

H-100 vaccine, which meets all the vitamin needs of the skin, restores the skin with a fresh and bright appearance. Neck and décolleté area are as important as the face area.

A nice décolleté area looks very pleasant with stylish clothes. People with a sagged and pale décolleté area cannot usually prefer low-cut clothes. 

In addition, the neck and décolleté area are one of the regions that give the clearest information about our age.

H-100 vaccine is one of the most successful and preferred rejuvenation applications of recent times due to the regenerative effect.



I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.