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Cosmetic Dermatology

Forehead Lifting

Our facial area is very important for our aesthetic appearance. Deterioration in the forehead area can be seen as a result of ageing and other factors. While forehead lifting exercises can be beneficial to a certain extent, in some cases medical aesthetic interventions can be unavoidable. Forehead lifting aesthetic procedures or brow lifting provides a younger appearance on your forehead, eyelids and brows by reversing the effects of gravity and tightening soft forehead tissues. Different forehead lifting methods can be found at different locations. Forehead lifting methods aim to achieve a livelier and more aesthetic appearance for the forehead and brow region through varies paths. Curvex forehead, also known as “baby forehead”,  is a very sought out look with respect to today’s aesthetic standards. Non-surgical forehead lifting procedures can be performed painlessly and effectively in order to achieve this look. For those with a slightly indented forehead, non-surgical forehead lifting procedures are quite effective in achieving a convex forehead. Every year thousands of people choose forehead lifting and brow lifting procedures and are satisfied with the results. Forehead lifting is also advantageous from a price perspective. There are a variety of forehead lifting methods. Among them, you can pick the most suitable one for you with your doctor. You can find detailed information about non-surgical forehead lifting on this post.

What Is Forehead Lifting?

Sagging or descending eyebrows create a tired, sad or grumpy look. This condition can have negative consequences both aesthetically and psychologically. If you have deep horizontal wrinkles on your forehead, wrinkles between your eyebrows or on the upper part of your nose, sagging skin or excess fat tissue over your eyes, you can get rid of these conditions with forehead lifting procedures. Endoscopic forehead lifting is a method of forehead lifting procedure that requires surgical intervention. Using these kind of methods, saggy brows or brows that have descended towards the eyelids are repositioned. Methods like these can be used in necessary situations upon your doctor’s discretion. However, nowadays with the advancement of medical technology, non-surgical forehead lifting procedures can be effective in a more practical, easy and painless way.

When Is Forehead Lifting Necessary?

Forehead lifting and brow lifting procedures pull the eyebrows up to a more awake and young position. As a result, the experienced issues are resolved long-term. All of these allow you to appear happier, friendlier and more approachable. The technique used in brow lifting is very important for the results, therefore your doctor needs to evaluate your condition in detail and recommend you a solution accordingly. You may consider forehead lifting procedures if you suffer from at least one of the situations listed below:

-       If the edge of your eyebrows are descending and creating a sad facial appearance

-       If the middle part of your eyebrows are sagging lower and making you look angry

-       If your eyebrows constantly look like you are frowning

-       If the surface area of your upper lids have closed due to saggy tissues and prohibit you from applying make-up on the area

-       If your general health is in good condition and you have realistic expectations, you are highly likely to be a good candidate for forehead lifting procedures.

Non-surgical Forehead Lifting Methods

Non-surgical forehead lifting methods allow the objectives of forehead lifting to be achieved without surgical intervention. Non-surgical forehead lifting methods are as follows:

-     Fibrocell Fibroblast Treatment: A small piece of skin, which is taken from the back of the ear of the patient using local anaesthesia, is used. This piece is decomposed and grown in a lab and injected in to the skin. It is among indispensable aesthetic applications for facial revitalisation and facial rejuvenation. In recent years, it has become more wide spread in Turkey. As it uses a piece taken from the patient’s own body, there is no risk of an allergic reaction.

-     Fractional Radio frequency (Golden Needle) Facial Rejuvenation: During this procedure, radio waves are sent directly under the skin using fractional laser technique. There is no impact on the skin surface. As a result of this application, collagen synthesis under the skin is fastened, therefore a healthier and livelier appearance is achieved. It has a prominent impact on fixing skin damage caused by ageing and skin rejuvenation.

-     Collagen Fillers: : One of the most frequently used method in non-surgical forehead lifting procedures is collagen fillers. As a result of the fillers administered to combat the collagen decay caused by ageing, the collagen structure of the skin, which gives it elasticity and glow, is strengthened. Thus, the skin looks younger and livelier.

-       Spider Web Method: When it comes to forehead lifting, among non-surgical forehead lifting alternatives, forehead thread lifting is frequently recommended by specialists. The aim of forehead thread lifting is to tighten the skin using threads that are compatible with the skin. As suggested by its name, the spider web method is done by using threads just like a spider web to achieve tightening.

Price of Non-Surgical Forehead Lifting

It will depend on the method of brow lifting, your facial features and your aesthetic choices. The objective of non-surgical forehead lifting is not only to achieve the most pleasant and natural look but also to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. In recent years, non-surgical forehead lifting has become widespread in Turkey. The pricing of forehead lifting can vary according to the patient’s condition and the qualities of the procedure to be administered. Upon your initial consultation, your doctor will decide the most suitable methods for you and inform you regarding this topic.

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.