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Cosmetic Dermatology

Glabella (Area Between Eyebrows) Filler

Over time, the loss of facial tone causes the facial area to lose volume and ultimately to sagging skin. In this case, filler applications are the ideal solution. If there is a problem in the forehead area that will cause loss of expression, filling between the two eyebrows may be required. The area between the eyebrows (glabella) is a very important component that creates our facial expression. Any problem here determines our facial structure, our profile, and our image in general. Lines between the eyebrows can occur when we frown. If you are uncomfortable with this situation, you should know that there is an easy solution. Those who have fillers between the two eyebrows can overcome the problems they experience with their glabella in a very short time. Filler application is very common in Turkey, as it is all over the world, to combat wrinkles in the groove, forehead area or around the eyes. Professionals who are experts in their fields will offer you the most accurate treatment options you need to take in this regard. Instead of getting offended by mirrors, you can find a solution to this problem. Glabella filler prices may vary depending on the type, nature and frequency of the procedure to be performed. You can get detailed information about the 2024 glabella filler prices by contacting your clinic. After the preliminary examination, your doctor will indicate which treatment method is suitable for you. Glabella filler prices may vary depending on the method to be used. In this article, you can find everything you need to know about glabella fillers.

How Is Glabella Filling Made?

Before applying glabella fillers, the area is examined in detail. How much injection will be made in which part is determined. After applying the cream with numbing properties, the selected toxin is injected into the relevant area with very thin and small needles. You will not feel any pain during the application. Only during the insertion of the needles a feeling similar to a fly bite occurs. In this respect, glabella filler application is a painless procedure.

Benefits of Glabella Fillers

Glabella filler application is done with materials containing hyaluronic acid like other fillings. Hyaluronic acid is actually a substance that naturally occurs in our body, decreases over time and has a short lifespan. In these, structures called cross-links are added and their lifespan is extended. Thus, it is used to give volume to hollow areas. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid have a very fast effect. Those who have glabella fillers can achieve the look they want in a very short time. Hyaluronic acid injection brings safe and effective solutions to many of our skin complaints. After application of glabella filler with hyaluronic acid, you will have a smoother and more flexible skin. Hyaluronic acid is a vital substance in every tissue of our body. One of its most important tasks is to delay skin aging. The types of fillings in which this substance is used cause our body to look more awake, healthy and lively. Thanks to filler applications, the side-view image of the face can be improved. In the side-view appearance, conditions such as the curvature of the forehead, the low tip of the nose or the presence of an arch in the nose, the adequacy of the lip projection and whether the chin is behind need to be corrected. For people who have structural dimples in the forehead area, this area can be treated with fillers, and that area can be given a curved appearance. Injectable hyaluronic acid is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, facial folds, and to create structure, frame and volume on the face and lips. These filler, which are applied especially in the face area, have gained the satisfaction of the patients, and glabella filler application is one of these applications.

Things to Pay Attention To After Glabella Filler Application

You can return to your daily life immediately after glabella filler application. You will not feel any pain during or after the treatment. Your doctor will recommend that you do not touch or put anything on the treatment area for a while.

Do Glabella Fillers Have an Immediate Effect?

As in other filler applications, the glabella fillers begin to show their effect after about 1 week. However, different results can be expected in each patient. After treatment, your doctor will regularly check the effects of the treatment. He or she may recommend additional treatment options if you encounter any problems.

Are Glabella Fillers Permanent?

Depending on the type of hyaluronic acid used, the permanence of the fillers containing hyaluronic acid vary between 6 and 18 months. The application area and the hyaluronic acid concentration used are important factors in permanence. Of course, the factors affecting permanence are not limited to these. At the same time, the enzyme hyaluronidase, which provides the dissolution of hyaluronic acid over time, is also important. Hyaluronidase, an enzyme normally produced in our body, is metabolically very active in some weeks. Those patients use fillers for a shorter time than others. External factors are also important in the activity of this enzyme. The permanence fillers may be shortened, especially in patients who frequently enter hot environments such as hamams, saunas, and solariums. Low water consumption, heavy smoking and alcohol consumption can also limit the production of hyaluronidase enzyme. In such cases, the permanence of fillers will also be adversely affected. Your doctor will inform you about all these issues before and after the treatment, and will offer suggestions in this direction. If you follow the suggestions meticulously, the permanence of your fillers will be as long as possible.

Glabella Filler Side Effects

There are no common side effects of glabella fillers. Before the procedure, your doctor will examine your medical history and examine whether there is any obstacle to the procedure. After the doctor’s approval, you can have glabella fillers application. If there is any risky situation, glabella fillers will not be approved. If you work with professionals who are experts in the field, you can have the filler between the two eyebrows done in a problem-free and healthy way as in all aesthetic operations.

Does Swelling Occur After Glabella Fillers?

Swelling is not seen after glabella fillers. You can continue your daily life on the day of the procedure. Very small redness may occur due to the needles used in the application area, but these will completely disappear in a day or two. After the procedure, your doctor may apply a cold compress or suggest you repeat it at home. If you encounter any problems when you return home after the procedure, you should definitely inform your doctor.

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.