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Cosmetic Dermatology

Striort Stretch Mark Treatment

Body stretch marks are one of the most common skin problems. Skin stretch marks may develop due to many reasons or factors. Skin cracks can be seen in many parts of the body and are visually disturbing.

Patients may experience psychological problems due to this appearance. Everyone wants to have a smooth, tight skin and get rid of stretch marks. Many surgical interventions are also used for this request.

Many solutions are offered against stretch marks. It is possible to find hundreds of solutions, especially on the internet. When these solution suggestions are reviewed, it is seen that these suggestions are generally products that can be applied to the areas where cracks occur.

Apart from this, different massage techniques can be offered as solution for cracks. Of course, all these can be beneficial for skin relaxation and appearance. However, most of these remedies do not provide full benefit in removing cracks. These recommendations are not an effective solution for deep cracks. A complete treatment should be applied to this problem. Today, there are many treatment methods available to eliminate cracks. A new one is added to these treatment methods every day.

One of the newest treatment methods of recent times is the striort stretch mark treatment method. It is a popular method applied all over the world. Today, most people have managed to get rid of their stretch marks using this treatment method. With this method, very successful results are obtained.

It is possible to get rid of stretch marks with this new and special method. Patients who have used this method got rid of their stretch mark problems. We should explain what the skin crack is before explaining what the striort stretch mark treatment.

What Is Striort Stretch Mark Treatment?

Striort is a new treatment method. With this treatment, up to 80 percent reduction is seen in skin cracks. It is a very effective method on cracks. Cracks are also called skin tears. Striort stretch mark treatment is based on revitalizing the collagen contained in the cracks with the help of a mediaolecular system.

There is no incision in this treatment method. And also; it does not include an application such as a needle or laser. In other words; this treatment method is not a surgical and invasive method.

This advantage is one of the reasons why the treatment is preferred. Because treatment types that require surgical intervention cause anxiety in people. The fact that this method is not such an intervention and gives effective results causes patients to prefer this method with peace of mind.

Striort stretch mark treatment method is a special vacuum system. Crack repair method can be said to this method. In this treatment method, the lines of stretch marks are worked on one by one. Therefore, each line is treated carefully and individually. That is, each stretch mark is intervened individually.

How Is Striort Stretch Mark Treatment Applied?

One of the most important questions of the patients is how this successful treatment method is applied. Since it is a special treatment method, it is a method applied using special tools.

In the application of this treatment method, it is applied with the help of a device with vacuum barometer feature. It is a device called Fibroderms, specially designed for special solutions and treatment that accelerate blood flow.

Before the procedure, local anesthesia cream is applied to the patient. So; special solutions are applied to the area where the patient has stretch marks. The patient does not experience any pain during the application. It is waited for a while to accelerate blood circulation.

This time is approximately twenty-five minutes. The procedure is started after the waiting period expires. The vacuum bar is moved over the skin tears in the direction of the tear. This movement is done as forward and backward.

With this application, elastin and collagen proteins are stimulated. Thus, improvement occurs in the appearance of tears. This application covers approximately two to two and a half hours.

2020 Prices of Striort Stretch Mark Treatment

The price of this method, which gives the most successful results among the stretch mark treatments, is also a matter of curiosity for patients.

Pricing of stretch mark varies. The price varies according to the skin structure and condition of the patient, the general condition and density of the skin cracks.

The specialist examines the patient. He makes the necessary tests and examinations After all these, he determines a price by considering the existing factors.

Except this, how many sessions the patient will receive this treatment also affects the price.

For example; a single session price is determined for the patient who will receive a single session of treatment. But, if the patient will receive three sessions, price is determined accordingly.

How Long Does Striort Stretch Mark Treatment Take?

The treatment period is a maximum of three sessions. But this may not be the same for every patient. Sessions may vary according to patients. The number of sessions varies according to the age, skin types and skin structures of the patients. Some patients may need more sessions.

For example, the number of sessions can be determined according to the area where the patient's stretch marks are spread, the depth of the stretch marks and their general condition.

The duration of treatment is determined by the patient's condition after the specialist's examination. The specialist determines a treatment period according to the needs of the patient. At the same time, session intervals are twenty-one days.

What Are The Session Goals of Striort Stretch Mark Treatment?

  • Treatment sessions pursue specific goals.
  • Repairing the hydro-lipid cover
  • Stimulating sebum production
  • Accelerating the development of upper skin
  • Increasing the thickness of upper skin
  • Regenerate elastic fibers
  • Increasing the thickness of lower skin
  • Increasing the hydration of skin
  • Stimulating fiproplates

All goals are successfully completed from the beginning to the end of the sessions and the treatment is terminated. When these goals are achieved, stretch marks are reduced by 80 percent. Thus, the patient's skin gains a smooth and tight appearance compared to the past.


Which Areas Can Striort Stretch Mark Treatment Be Applied?

Stretch marks are not limited to one or two areas. Stretch marks can be seen in many areas. Regions where this treatment will be applied;

  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Breast
  • Arm
  • Cheek
  • Leg
  • Inner leg

What To Pay Attention During Striort Stretch Mark Treatment?

As long as the treatment continues, the patient has to pay attention to some issues. In order not to adversely affect the treatment process, every patient should pay attention to the warnings.

  • Treatment area should not be exposed to direct sunlight for fifteen days
  • Patients are definitely recommended to use high-factor sunscreen.
  • Gluten-containing foods should be avoided. Ingredients of the foods should be checked.
  • You should not go to the bath or sauna. In addition, applications that can irritate the skin, such as scrubbing, should definitely be avoided.

Besides all these, patients have to act in line with doctor's recommendations during the treatment. In other words, the patient should regulate his standard of living in accordance with the treatment.

When the patient does this, he supports the treatment period. The specialist makes all necessary warnings to his patient. He gives detailed information about what to avoid and what to pay attention to.

Because, paying attention to these points during the treatment is of great importance for the success of the treatment. If the patients do not pay attention to the necessary issues, the treatment process will be negatively affected and successful results cannot be obtained.

Which Effects Are Seen After Striort Stretch Mark Treatment?

Post-treatment effects are among the most important issues. Patients want to know what effects they will face after treatment. After this treatment, such effects as redness and bruising can be seen in the application area.

But all these effects are temporary. These effects heal and disappear in a short time like two to three days.

There is nothing to worry about. At the same time, after this application, there are no negative side effects such as crusting, wound or staining in the application areas.

The patient can easily return to his daily routine after the application. So; this application does not affect the work and social life of the patient in any way.

Who Cannot Undergo Striort Stretch Mark Treatment?

As is known, not every treatment can be applied to everyone. While striort stretch mark treatment can be easily applied to some people, it cannot be applied to some others. Those people cannot undergo this procedure:

  • Women during pregnancy period
  • Mothers during breastfeeding period
  • Women during menstrual period
  • People who have undergone surgical procedure on the treatment area in recent time

This treatment method cannot be applied to those people. The specialist receives necessary information from the patient about pregnancy or breastfeeding before the examination. In accordance with this information, an examination is performed for people who do not have the above-mentioned obstacles.

What Is Stretch Mark?

Stretch marks are also known as skin tear. They are distinct lines that can be seen in many parts of the body and can be noticed at first glance. Stretches occur in the skin due to many factors.

These stresses have an intense abrasive effect on elastin fibers. With this abrasive effect, elastin bonds get damaged. Hence, elastin bonds lose their quality. As a result, skin tears occur on the skin.

These skin tears may be white in some people, or red in some people. These tears are called stretch marks. In another definition, they are tears in the dermis layer of the skin that occur as a result of skin's inability to withstand excessive stretching.

Since stretch marks are prominent, they cause an appearance as if there are clefts in the skin. They do not cause any pain, burning or itching. But they cause aesthetic concerns since they can be noticed immediately.

What Are The Reasons of Stretch Mark Formation?

As mentioned above, stretch marks can occur for different reasons.

  • If moisture rate of the body is insufficient
  • If water rate of the body is insufficient
  • Hormonal changes
  • In adolescence period
  • In cases of sudden muscle building
  • In cases of rapid weight gain and loss
  • During pregnancy
  • As a side effect of using birth control drugs

The most important and effective reason among these is hormones. Of course, these factors that cause stretch marks can vary from person to person. It is because each person's skin structure is different.

And also genetic and metabolic characteristics vary from person to person. Therefore, these factors differ from patient to patient.

Is It Possible To Prevent Stretch Marks?

It is not possible to prevent stretch marks with only external creams. Creams that are applied externally have more superficial effects. Therefore, such creams cannot fully affect stretch marks.

So, they cannot eliminate the crack problem. Stretch marks occur in the skin due to skin structures, genetic characteristics and other factors. A professional treatment is required to get rid of stretch marks. First of all, patients are examined by a specialist. Stretch mark area is examined.

Then, treatment is applied according to the patient's skin structure, the problematic area and the condition and density of these stretch marks. Along with the treatment, patients should also pay attention to some issues.

For example; Healthy nutrition is extremely important in preventing stretch mark formation.

These issues should be particularly paid attention during pregnancy when stretch mark is most intense. Water consumption should be paid attention in order to keep the body's water ratio in balance. Fresh fruit and vegetable should be consumed regularly.

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.