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Cosmetic Dermatology

Skin Rejuvenation with Fractional Radiofrequency

Fractional Radiofrequency is a procedure that provides skin rejuvenation without a surgical intervention. This procedure which is applied to make the skin look younger can be preferred for acne and blackhead problems. 

It tightens the skin pores and prevents oily appearance. As Fractional Radiofrequency skin rejuvenation treatment is a non-surgical and painless method, it is among the procedures preferred for skin rejuvenation.

How is fractional radiofrequency procedure applied?

  • The procedure is carried out according to a plan after the person applies for skin renewal treatment.

  • Skin area is thoroughly cleaned before the treatment.

  • Then, personalized microneedle caps are attached and dose amount is determined.

  • Problematic areas are completed after multiple sessions. The procedure is mostly applied to the neck and facial area.

  • Painkiller creams can be used on the treatment area before fractional radiofrequency procedure.

The procedure takes about 40 minutes on average. There might be mild rash or crusts on the application area after the treatment.

For this reason, various protective creams can be prescribed by physicians for rapid recovery of these scars.

The day after the procedure, the person should not take a bath and the skin area should not contact water.

Since personalized caps are used for each patient, it does not pose any hygienic problems. Fractional Radiofrequency application is completed after these stages.


Who is suitable for fractional radiofrequency treatment?

Non-surgical skin renewal procedures are becoming increasingly popular among people. Since the procedures are suitable for almost everyone, it provides convenience. 

Skin renewal treatment with fractional radiofrequency can be applied to people above the age of 16. 

People who have anaemia problems, cancer treatment and infection diseases cannot undergo this treatment. 

Moreover, it is not an appropriate method for those who use regular medicine, have chronic problems and need to use blood thinning drugs. Apart from these situations, people above the age of 16 who do not have to use any drug can undergo this treatment.  


How long does fractional radiofrequency skin rejuvenation treatment take?

In Fractional Radiofrequency procedure, small-tipped needles are used. There may be crusting since these needles open small holes on the skin. Since it is a needle treatment, infection problems may occur as well. 

Therefore, this procedure should be performed by professional physicians at hospital conditions. 

If it is performed by non-professionals, some risk of infection may occur on the skin.Skin rejuvenation application with fractional radiofrequency method can be divided into sessions according to the skin type of person. Duration of the application depends on the planning of the physician according to the skin type. Considering the skin condition, it may be completed in 3 sessions on average. There is an average of 1 month between each session.

Is fractional radiofrequency a painful method?

It is a much more painless and problem-free application compared to surgical procedures. Before Fractional Radiofrequency skin rejuvenation treatment, some special painkiller creams can be used.

These creams are applied during and after application to minimize pain. After the treatment, there may be slight burning on the skin. Apart from this, there is no pain during and after the application.

What are the risks of fractional radiofrequency procedure?

The reason why everyone at every age applied for fractional radiofrequency procedure is that it does not leave any scar or wound on the skin.

The procedure affects the tissues under the skin. It has no effect on the tissues on the skin surface. It does not cause any risk except for some rash that lasts about 2-4 hours.

In addition, this procedure does not cause any infection formation on certain parts of the skin.


How is fractional radiofrequency effect seen for skin rejuvenation?

In the application known as fractional radiofrequency, there are a total of 25 fine golden needles at the tip of personalized caps.

When the treatment is carried out, needles at different depth on the skin make radiofrequency energy effect. With this energy effect, tissues on and under the skin become to heat. As a result, cell production increases with the effect of this heating that provides skin renewal. 

Cells are renewed in a short time. It also accelerates the metabolism which slows down under the skin. Circulatory movements are starting to accelerate.

Stagnation, cell death and circulation problems that start with aging are eliminated. In this way, the skin can find the opportunity to regenerate faster. As a result, it looks younger.


Prices of fractional radiofrequency skin rejuvenation procedure

Fractional Radiofrequency application is applied to people who want to renew their skin without any need for surgical intervention. 

The price of this procedure can vary depending on the skin type and damage rate. In addition, the number of sessions of the application, all other requirements for the treatment are among the factors that change the price.


How many sessions can fractional radiofrequency procedure be applied?

The session duration of fractional radiofrequency procedure which is done for skin renewal is about one month. So, it can be done once in a month. The procedure is completed in 3 sessions on average depending on the damage rate and age of the person.

If there is no sufficient brightness, renewal, tightness and recovery are seen after 3 sessions, additional session can be done.

This situation can change according to the session number which the physician decides for the person. Fractional Radiofrequency skin rejuvenation procedure can show better effect is used with PRP.


Which areas can fractional radiofrequency be applied?

Fractional Radiofrequency skin rejuvenation procedure can be used in many parts of the skin. It can be applied to whole neck and face area parts and décolleté area.

In addition, Fractional Radiofrequency method can also be applied to remove the wrinkles around the eye and tighten the skin and to give a younger appearance to the hands. 

Usage Areas of Fractional Radiofrequency Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

Fractional Radiofrequency application is applied to areas where wrinkles are seen on the skin. Besides, it can be used to solve many problems.

  • It can be used to remove acne on the skin. It can also be used to remove acne scars.

  • It is generally preferred to give a younger appearance to the skin.

  • It can be preferred to tighten the pores on the skin. There is a significant decrease in black spots thanks to tight pores. The skin becomes less oily.

  • Fractional Radiofrequency procedure can be done to recover skin cracks due to birth or again and to remove operational scars.

  • It can be used to solve acne problems.

  • It can be applied if seen appropriate regardless of winter or summer.

How is fractional radiofrequency treatment applied?

At first, the skin thoroughly cleaned. Then, various anaesthetic creams are applied in case there is any pain. 

After proper dosage is arranged, the procedure is started with the help of the caps.

Each area is scanned for 2-3 times to ensure rejuvenation. The procedure may take 1 hour on average.

Moisturizing mask and vitamin cures can be optionally applied after the procedure. These masks can both relieve the skin and help to increase the effects.


 What to pay attention before fractional radiofrequency procedure?

Fractional Radiofrequency procedure can be done according to a certain plan. For this reason, your physician makes a periodical planning after you apply for. 

If you are ready for the procedure as indicated by your physician, it can show its effect in much shorter time.

You should avoid smoking and alcohol before and during the treatment. Moreover, you should inform your physician about the medicines you use. You should not use medicines which have blood thinning effects.


What to pay attention generally about the procedure?

Some skin care products can be used to relieve and soften the skin before the procedure. This can be done to make the application easier and more effective.

The procedure usually takes for 30-70 minutes. Wrinkles on your skin and the number of treatment area can change this duration. 

There may be dense rash within the first 5-6 hours after the procedure. If there is any additional side effect, you should contact your physician. These rashes becomes pink within 24-72 hours on average and then disappear.

  • You should pay attention not to use any other medicine except for moisturizers and protective creams recommended by your physician.

  • Treatment areas should not contact water on the day of the session. If treatment is applied to facial area, make-up should not be done.

  • There may be swelling after the procedure. Except this, your physician may recommend you some creams. You need to use these creams for minimum 3 days. 

  • You should avoid sunlight on the day of session. It accelerates the recovery period if you avoid sunlight for 3 days.

  • You should not intervene the crusting at the end of sessions. If you touch or itch these with your hands, your healing period may be delayed.

What changes occur on the skin with aging?

There may be some changes on the skin with aging. The most important one is that self-rejuvenation of the skin starts to decrease. 

This situation causes the skin to gradually lose its rhythm and wrinkle. Because of the thinning of the skin, wrinkles can cause cracks and significant skin imperfections.

There is a decrease in blood circulation. The reduction of adipose tissue can also trigger skin collapses.

All of these can cause skin wrinkles, frequent fine lines under the eyes, cheek collapse, and loss of brightness. Fractional Radiofrequency, known as 'Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation’, has an effect on eliminating the negative effects of aging.

It is possible to prevent all these problems with this method. This latest technology application used in skin treatment helps your skin to relieve and stay young.


Is fractional radiofrequency method effective?

Technological developments have changed the course of skin renewals that could only be done with surgery in the old times. People do not have to undergo surgery anymore to make their skin younger.

Fractional Radiofrequency method, developed for skin rejuvenation and renewal, is frequently preferred recently because it is an easy and painful method.

It is applied not only because it is a painless method but also because it is effective.

With Fractional Radiofrequency method, it is possible to reach results that cannot be achieved with surgery.

If performed by a specialist physician, it becomes possible for the application to show the desired effects. We can say that its effect will make you pleased for whatever purpose you are applying for.

If you want to see the effects without any problems, you must follow the rules before and after the application.


Advantages of Fractional Radiofrequency Procedure

The most important advantage of Fractional Radiofrequency method which is done with golden needle is that it does not cause long-lasting rash on the skin. Moreover, there is no peeling and flaking on the skin.

The rashness becomes pink color spontaneously after 4-5 hours on average. Afterwards, it becomes invisible. This pinkness completely disappears only after 2-3 days.

One of the most important advantages of fractional radiofrequency procedure is that it does not cause long-lasting rash or skin scars. This situation enables person to easily continue his daily life. 

The other advantage of this procedure is that it can be applied in every season. It is preferred since it can be performed regardless of winter or summer. 

Another important advantage of fractional radiofrequency treatment is that it does not cause impaired expression. It does not affect person’s image.

Complete recovery period is quite short. It changes between 2 to 3 days. Fractional Radiofrequency procedure is more advantageous compared to other radiofrequency methods. The advanced technology used in this method provides easier application and minimizes damage. If necessary precautions are taken, there is almost no infection risk.





I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.