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Cosmetic Dermatology

Thulium Laser Spot Treatment

With the use of the spot treatment method with Thulium laser, this method provides the opportunity to reach a depth of 1 mm under the skin, and since the laser device has shown a great effect in other spot treatment, scar treatment and anti-aging applications, the results are positive for skin treatment and regeneration. used as a laser.

This Content was Updated on 29.11.2021.

Since the laser, which acts like carbon dioxide and erbium and fractional laser , which is used for skin regeneration , provides an advantage by protecting the top layer of the skin from side effects, a significantly more and faster recovery is achieved compared to the others.



This system is available in almost all of the technology bulbs in nano-molecular structure, which is the laser concept, except for the main active ingredient and in the form of plant extracts.

These extracts, which are much more powerful due to their antioxidant properties, are generally used in a wide variety of ways in the medical literature in the treatment of many diseases such as cancer treatment or rheumatism, with the aim of eliminating cell damage and regenerating tissue.

Thuluim ampoules are characterized by a specially formulated formulation.

In the treatment of different skin problems, and especially if the problem is targeted, the application can be concluded successfully by selecting an ampoule that is suitable for the treatment of that condition and directly aimed at the target.

These products are widely used in many fields, including cancer treatment, in the medical literature, with the use of ways to protect the cell against the effects of aging, such as the pictures, which are mostly found in the form of reporters and mostly obtained from red grape seeds.

Vitamin A derivatives , which are widely used in a traditional way, play an active role in improving the effects of aging and other damages. And it will be much more beneficial to be preferred in the development of this or in the treatment of problems called blackheads.

It plays an active role in the treatment of conditions such as acne, which can help to open the skin in order to support the production and secretion of collagen formed in the mixture of vitamin D.

At the end of its applications, it has achieved a form containing an acid called tranexamic acid , especially recently and very successfully in the treatment of stains.

Areas where Thulium Laser Method is Used

  • In the treatment of spots
  • In removing age spots
  • In the treatment of solar lentigo
  • In the treatment of freckles
  • In removing superficial stains
  • In removing fine wrinkles
  • In epidermal conditions
  • tone on tone off
  • Whitening
  • Neck wrinkle removal

It is used in many treatment methods such as

Spots on the skin are one of the most common skin problems. These spots may occur due to many problems such as sun rays, pregnancy or other drugs used, or sometimes the use of birth control pills.

With Thulium laser , it is possible to treat skin spots in a very short time.

Spots on the skin can occur very often around the lip or on both sides of the face in general.

Especially in the summer months, the use of sun rays and especially pregnancy and birth control drugs increase these spots more. These spots, which are launched as permanent, will continue to increase unless treated.

In particular, the spots that are in fashion recently and for which other applications do not offer a very precise solution, are actually very easily removed with the latest technology and approved thulium laser device.

How are spots treated with Thulium Laser?

In the treatment of skin spots with Thulium laser, first of all , 30,000 microchannels with a width of 100 microns and an average of 30,000 are opened on the skin layer with the laser. Through these opened micro-channels, the serums prepared beforehand for the skin are allowed to reach the lower layers of the skin.

It tries to create integrity in the skin color with the aim of making the color pigments of special serums that can reach the lower layers of the skin through the micro channels opened with the laser method , to a natural state. In addition, the skin can gain a bright and natural appearance.

In addition, for the purpose of skin care , it gains a bright and natural appearance and is studied. The serum, which has reached the damaged and problematic areas of the skin, succeeds in repairing, renovating and renewing the skin.

With Thuluim laser, sessions are applied at intervals that vary depending on the skin structure and the grading of the spots. As of now, very effective results are observed with the first sessions on the stains found free of charge. And this work is completed in a maximum of 4 sessions. Pain and pain are almost not felt in the sessions, which are held at intervals of 2 weeks on average.

People who want can be treated in the form of local anesthesia. This situation depends entirely on the patient's opinion and whether the pain or surgery is needed.

A very slight redness can be observed after a very short period of approximately 20 minutes. However, between 20 and 30 minutes, patients can continue their daily lives.

The Method of Treating Sunspots with Thulium Laser

Generally, human skin exposed to the harmful rays of the sun in the summer months can cause many damages.

In particular, the resistance of the skin to protect itself against sun damage appears when tanning. Tanning can also be taken as an indicator of this protection.

The problems caused by the sun, the most obvious and the biggest effect is observed as sunspots.

The sun also affects the aging of the skin . For this reason, with the end of summer, there are solutions to combat sun damage and dead layer on the skin.

Studies on the skin are at the forefront of these solutions and tools, in order to treat the spots on the skin and to rejuvenate the skin.

Serums Used in Thulium Laser Method

Even if studies are carried out to completely pass the cosmetic-containing workmanship and barriers that have been used in a practical way, the damages are not repaired.

And it is not possible to improve in this situation with doctors in a very deep and dermatological way.

Generally, these serums, on the other hand, make it possible to treat easily penetrating, movable stains internally and externally with the properties briefly mentioned above and their thermal textures.

Tranexamic acid has been used for a long time, usually for the healing of wounds immediately after plastic surgery and plastic surgery.

This usage is generally noticed by doctors and scientists, who usually notice the brightness and luminosity of the skin. It started to be used after such a situation arose.

The Effect of Nano Serums Used in Thulium Laser Method

It is possible to create a natural barrier on the body with any tropical and treatment or designs or pens.

Therefore, such products are usually partially absorbed and their effects are tried to be limited. These limitations are generally used in cosmetic and dermocosmetic fields in order to eliminate them.

Effects After Using This Method

Maximum absorption is ensured. It has the ability to penetrate deeply. Active and 0 Nano technology serums penetrate the lowest layers of the tongue when used with these methods.

According to the warnings of experts, individuals should not be afraid of stains on their face or any part of their body.

With Thulium professional smart laser technology method, it can vary depending on the treatment process and depth. For stains that are mostly superficial, the cause rate can be much higher, ranging from 70 percent to 80 percent.

Before the treatment process begins, the doctor and the patient sit down, talk, and make decisions about how the application will be made and how long the treatment process will take on the decisions to be taken jointly.

By means of medical creams applied on the skin layer and provided in the form of local anesthesia, pain and ache that the person may experience during the procedure are prevented.

As mentioned above, a rash may occur for one or two hours after treatment sessions. This is simply due to the influence of the normal process and laser beams. The fact that patients have this condition is related to the treatment process. Because this situation will pass by itself after a couple of hours.

In general, these stains and their effects disappear completely within 2 days.

After the procedures, the doctor's advice should be followed.

How to act after Thulium Laser Treatment?

After such procedures, the doctor's advice should generally be followed. The treated area should not be rubbed and worn. It is necessary not to wash the face or do this within the time period recommended by the doctor.

The Thulium smart laser system has almost no side effects compared to other laser treatments used in spot treatment.

Patients can return to their normal daily lives within a day or two after this treatment method.

With the development of technology in the laser treatment method , it is possible to minimize and even eliminate the substances that will cause carcinogenic effects, usually caused by rays.

The areas of use of laser epilation and other laser-related processing methods have recently become very common, with the aim of skin treatment , skin beauty, almost every person's desire to look young and to eliminate fears such as aging.

In particular, the application of the treatment methods recommended by dermatologists allows people to look at themselves much happier and more hopeful for the future after these treatment methods.

With the application of this method, the session process takes a much shorter time after the technology and other equipment and components are harmonized with the latest models and technology products.

The work and transactions to be done after the sessions are carried out in a much shorter time.

Any redness or bruising that will occur after the procedures should only be met naturally after the treatment. Patients can be discharged within a day or two and return to their normal daily lives.

The biggest reason why this method, which is used extensively in the medical sector, is preferred by people, especially because it is cheaper, other laser technologies seen in the market can be a little more expensive than this method.

It is highly preferred because it has no side effects, takes a much shorter recovery period after treatment, and is at a very high level for satisfaction among people.

For this reason, it will be much more beneficial for people to sit down and talk with the doctor and start general surgery operations as soon as possible.

world Health OrganizationwithRepublic of Turkey Ministry of HealthAccording to the statements made by the company, this method provides many advantages such as the fact that this method takes place in a much shorter time and that the less roughness that may occur after the applications increases customer satisfaction to much higher levels, such as the absence of bacteria or material processes that are harmful to human health due to many factors.

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