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Laser Treatment of Acne Scars and Stretch Marks

Acne formation can be seen on the skin caused by various diseases, especially in adolescence. There are technology applications developed to prevent these pimples from being permanent or to eliminate acne settled on the skin.

These applications are made by adjusting the person's own skin type. Fractional laser treatment of acne, one of the recently preferred treatment methods, is at the top of all applications.

Acne can settle permanently on the skin as well as create a scar on the skin. In this application, which was developed to reduce acne on the skin, an intervention is made on the skin.

With laser treatment, a signal is sent to the cells under the skin and the skin is awakened. This process not only addresses pimples, but also heals skin puffiness, blackheads and whiteheads.

Acne which occur with hormonal changes during adolescence can be completely treated with fractional laser treatment. At the same time, it brightens the skin with rejuvenating effect.

What Is Fractional Laser?

With fractional laser beams, the temperature of the skin is increased and the top layer of the skin is peeled by evaporation.

Recovery is achieved by proliferation of undamaged cells around the laser application area, stimulation of fibroblasts and ultimately triggering of collagen synthesis.

The application takes about 30-40 minutes. Since special cooling is used throughout the application, patient does not feel pain. At the end of the application, there is a slight redness and burning on the skin.

After 2-3 sessions the skin color turns slightly brown and thin crusting and peeling start on the 5th or 6th day. One week later, the skin becomes normal again. After the application, the skin should be protected by applying sunscreen.

Application intervals should be 3-4 weeks. The number of sessions varies between 3-6 depending on the severity of the skin scars.

How Is Acne Treatment Applied By Fractional Laser?

Laser machines produced for the skin with advanced technologies are applied directly on the skin. During this application, it creates fractional treatment both on the surface of the skin and under the skin. In this treatment intended for regeneration of cells, the cells under the skin that trigger acne formation are broken down.

With laser treatment, acne appearance on the skin surface is reduced by 80 percent. It is very important for people who have this procedure to clean their skin during the procedure. In order to extend the permanence of this procedure, laser frequency is adjusted according to the skin type of person.

Since acne formation and the size of pimples vary from person to person, treatment is adjusted accordingly.

This treatment is applied at certain session intervals. Acne appearance is completely eliminated by deciding the right treatment method according to the skin type and sensitivity of the skin. Especially in adolescence, acne can be permanent if not treated. Therefore, this application is recommended after adolescence.

In Which Areas Is Fractional Laser Applied?

In the fractional laser acne treatment, laser is applied to certain areas. It is mainly applied to the forehead, cheeks, chin and cheekbones.

Special laser shots are made to these areas where acne formation is most common. Apart from these areas, fractional laser treatment can be applied to the back, abdomen and arms for people who have acne problem on their body.

This laser application is applied not only for acne removal, but also for removal of sunspots and previously formed acne scars.

What Is The Price of Fractional Laser Treatment?

In this treatment method developed for acne removal, the price is determined according to the person's skin and the damaged area. At the same time, price may change for each doctor.

How Do Acnes Occur?

The reasons of acne formation on the skin vary from person to person and according to skin type. One of the main reasons that trigger acne formation is adolescence. Acne formation can be seen on the skin with the hormonal changes during adolescence. These acnes occur in small or large sizes depending on the genetic structure of the person.

Another reason arising from hormonal changes is the pregnancy. The hormonal changes of the expectant mother during pregnancy triggers acne formation on the skin.

If the skin is not protected and cleaned properly, bacteria adhering to the skin surface penetrate under the skin, causing acne formation. If the person does not clean her face properly under intense work pressure, acne will begin to appear on the skin.

Acne and white spots are also noticed on the skin surface of people who have infection problems and have a feverish disease. There are many infectious diseases that trigger acne formation. For this reason, the person should always protect her skin and keep it clean.

How Is Acne Treatment Performed?

One of the most common acne treatment methods recently is fractional laser treatment. This laser treatment is specially adjusted according to the skin type. This application which is done on the skin surface also show effects under the skin.

In this way, acne formation is stopped deeply and scars on the surface are visibly reduced. In fractional laser treatment, carbon dioxide is injected under the skin, allowing the skin to breathe more. More effective results are obtained in laser treatments when applied with carbon dioxide.

Before starting this application process, the skin is analyzed in detail. The treatment method to be applied is determined as a result of this analysis. In fractional laser treatment, direct shot is made to the problematic area.

Before these shots are made, a specially prepared carbon dioxide mask is applied to the damaged area of the skin. When used with the laser, this mask penetrates under the skin. And the oxygen needed by the skin is provided. The shots made specifically for each acne ensure that the problematic area is completely treated over time.

How Many Sessions Is Fractional Laser Applied?

With fractional laser treatment, acne is completely treated on the skin surface. There are certain session intervals for this treatment. Sessions in fractional laser treatment vary according to the person.

The retention of pimples on and under the skin, the size of acne and the genetic nature of this condition cause extended session duration. After the person is examined at the clinic, session time is determined. In general, this treatment method is performed once a week.

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.