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Treatment of Freckles and Stains By Laser

New treatment methods are being developed to have a smooth and stainless skin. Especially women are more sensitive about their skin. For some people, freckles are extremely appealing.

But freckles are often seen as skin spots and one of the most common skin problems. There are many solutions for freckles. Both herbal and therapeutic options can be considered.

Most solution suggestions do not give successful results on freckles. In other words, freckles can be lightened in color with some solutions. But they do not disappear At this point, the most effective method is laser.

It is preferred by thousands of people and offers a definite solution for freckles. Of course, it is useful to receive some information about this treatment method at first.

It is necessary to know the answers to many questions such as: what laser freckle treatment is, how it is applied and what effects it has. You can get information about all the details, treatment process and post-treatment process by consulting a specialist physician.

What Is Laser Freckles Treatment?

The removal of freckles, which occur on skin due to sun exposure, by laser application is called laser freckle treatment. Today, laser treatment is the most effective method of removing freckles.

Melanin causes freckles to appear. Melanin is the substance that absorbs laser light at most. Therefore, laser is an extremely successful application in removing freckles.

Laser freckle treatment should be performed if you want to get a definite result for freckles problem. Colors of freckles can be lightened with other treatment methods. But freckles are unlikely to disappear completely.

Laser Types Used in Laser Freckles Treatment

When it comes to laser freckles treatment, only one option comes to mind. But there are many different laser technology options which are available today. Each of the laser methods has different features.

Methods are carried out with the help of improved machines. The specialist physician decides on which laser option to be chosen.

Because, laser type is decided by considering patient’s age, and general condition and density of freckles. Q-switch ND Yag Laser Q-switch ND Yag Laser is one of the most preferred laser methods. It is a laser type used to remove undesired and irritating spots on the skin.

With this laser method, it is possible to get rid of all freckles after a few sessions. Certain effects can be seen after the procedure. Generally, a slight redness occurs on the skin after the application of this laser type, Later, crusting can be seen on the skin.

These symptoms cause patients to panic. But there is no need to panic. These symptoms are signs of skin healing. So these symptoms can also be called positive symptoms.

It should also be noted that these symptoms are temporary. After the procedure, the patient can return to his daily life immediately. The procedure will not adversely affect the patient's daily life. And also it does not cause any cosmetic discomfort. It is a laser type that gives reliable and successful results.

Erbium Yag Laser

Erbium Yag Laser is an extremely effective laser method. It gives effective and satisfying results in removing sun and freckle spots. It is a laser type that can affect the skin until its deepest parts.

Erbium Yag Laser dissolves stained and freckled tissues on the skin with the rays it emits, allowing the skin regeneration. This treatment method is applied in an average of one to three sessions.

At the end of the sessions, the skin will be free from freckles. During the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain or ache. When the procedures are completed, redness can be seen on the skin that lasts for one or two days, which is normal. After that, crusting and peeling happen.

These are temporary effects and disappear in a short time. In this laser treatment, the patient can return to his work and social life right after the procedure. CO2 Laser CO2 Laser is a carbon dioxide fractional laser.

In this laser treatment, the desired depth of the skin is reached in one shot. Thus, an effective skin renewal process can be applied. Controlled destruction is created with CO2 Laser, supporting skin regeneration. Freckles are completely cleared from the skin.

Fractional Laser

Fractional laser creates microscopic shots and destroys freckles in a controlled manner.

As a result of this destruction, peeling is provided. Fractional laser does not damage intact areas. Patients do not have to worry about this. It only affects the areas of freckles and spots.

At the end of each session, more regeneration is achieved on the skin. Moreover, the skin heals in a very short time after this treatment. It is a frequently preferred method with these advantages.

How Is Laser Freckles Treatment Performed?

There is a preliminary preparation for laser freckle treatment. The specialist physician proceeds step by step before the treatment and starts the treatment according to these steps.

First of all, the patient is examined by a specialist. Necessary examinations and tests are made. As a result of these, it is checked whether the spots on the skin are freckles or not.

It is also controlled whether these spots have any carcinogenic nature. These controls are of great importance. Because, according to these controls, it is understood whether the patient is suitable for laser freckle treatment.

It is not possible to reach this decision without consultation, examination and necessary tests. Considering all of these factors, laser treatment is decided. An appropriate laser method is chosen according to the skin type of the patient and color and density of freckles.

After these steps, patient is prepared for the procedure. Patient may feel a mild pain or ache during laser shots. In order to prevent this situation, anesthetic cream may be applied on the treatment area.

Anesthetic cream application is done if deemed necessary. Laser freckle treatment does not give a definite result in the first session. So, freckles do not completely disappear after the first session.

Multiple sessions may be required for laser freckle treatment. Number of sessions to be applied depends on some factors.

The specialist physician will determine the number of sessions according to the skin type of patient and color and density of freckles. At this point, it would not be correct to give a clear session number. This varies from person to person.

What Are The Possible Side Effects After Laser Freckles Treatment?

As mentioned above, there may be redness, crusting and peeling on the skin after the procedure. In general, when such side effects are seen, patients immediately get concerned anxious. However, all of these effects are part of the treatment. There is absolutely no need to worry about these symptoms. Puffiness which will occur after freckle treatment disappears completely within a few hours. Redness disappears completely in seven to ten days.

What To Pay Attention After Laser Freckles Treatment

As it is known, the skin with freckles is much more sensitive to the sun. It means, the skin is more vulnerable to the sun. With laser treatment, the color of freckles is faded and lightened. But sensitivity and vulnerability against the sun still continue. Generally, patients think that laser freckle treatment provides protection against the sun, which is not possible. Laser is an application that allows the existing freckles to disappear. For this reason, patients should not be exposed to the sun too much after laser treatment. Patients should protect themselves from the sun as much as possible.

The best way to do this is not to go out when the sun is up in the sky. But if it is necessary to go out in daily life, then high factor sunscreens should be used. At this point, it is necessary to mention an important point. If you use a sunscreen, you should consult your doctor beforehand. It would be more useful to use a sunscreen by receiving recommendation from a doctor.

Another issue to be considered after laser freckles treatment is taking a shower. The first 12 hours after treatment is of great importance. During this time, patients should not take shower. It negatively affects laser treatment results. Ice compresses can be applied at regular intervals to reduce side effects after the application and to accelerate the healing process. Of course, you need to follow the recommendations given by your doctor. Besides all these, your doctor provides you the necessary information. In this process, the patient should follow the instructions and recommendations given by his doctor.

Which Skin Type Is More Ideal For Laser Skin Treatment?

The machine used for laser freckle treatment affects the efficiency. In general, more successful results are obtained with laser treatment in people with fair skin and dark freckles. The most important reason for this is because lasers can catch freckles on fair skin much more easily. In dark skins, a test shot is done first. It is very important to adjust the dose well in the test shot. With this test shot, the result that will occur on the skin is checked. According to this result, laser treatment is applied.

How Many Sessions Is Laser Treatment Applied?

As a result of the first session in the laser freckles treatment, success rate is about thirty percent. Considering the reaction of the skin to the treatment and depending on the density of the skin. Three sessions are applied on average considering the reaction of skin against this treatment and depending on the skin density. Ninety percent success is achieved at the end of these sessions. The skin is cleaned from freckles. Sessions can be done at certain intervals. These intervals are three weeks.

2020 Price of Laser Freckles Treatment

You should have a consultation with your doctor in order to learn the price of laser freckles treatment. Because the doctor determines an appropriate price according to the laser type to be applied and session number. For example, the price which is paid for two sessions will be different than the price for three sessions. It is possible to receive detailed information about treatment prices after the examination.

What Is Freckle?

Freckles are brown spots on the face and all over the body. It is mostly seen on the forehead, cheeks and nose. They can cover whole face when they are very dense. Freckles may also occur on the back, chest and hands. Melanin, which is produced by the body, turns into spots called freckles on the face and body. Freckles are quickly affected by melanin and sunlight. Melanin absorbs the sun light. Thus, it starts to protect the lower tissue of the skin. When there is too much sun exposure, melanocytes secrete more melanin pigment, which causes freckle formation. Freckles occur in the upper layer of the skin, in the epidermis. It occurs much more frequently in people with fair skin. Freckles that occur at an early age can change in shape as the age progresses. They may also increase in number over the time. Sometimes they may increase or decrease depending on the season. For example, freckles may increase in spring and summer.

Why Does Freckle Occur?

There are several reasons triggering the formation of freckles. Even one of these reasons can cause freckles itself. The following are among these reasons: Genetic factors Sun exposure Solarium

I have read and accept the Kvkk, Legal Warning texts.