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Acne Treatment

Acne treatments, skin care, and applications are methods applied to achieve a smoother and clearer skin. Acne problems, are addressed through various treatment methods. However, treatment methods are determined based on the individual's skin type, acne type and severity, age and gender, and metabolic characteristics.

Post-acne treatment and cosmetic skin care applications are followed by treatments for spots and marks, resulting in a completely clear and smooth skin structure.


Acne Treatments

Oral treatments are applied depending on the degree and intensity of acne. All acne should pass within a maximum of 6 weeks. However, treatment is necessary for acne that does not pass within 6-8 weeks. For moderate acne treatments, topical agents and various medications are used. Acne treatment is provided using antibiotic medications such as tetracycline, erythromycin, and doxycycline, alongside other methods.

Spot treatment should be preceded by the treatment of all acne and prevention of new ones. Depending on the individual's skin and acne structure, products containing Niacinamide applied topically on the skin can be used.

Who Is Acne Treatment Applied To?

In cases of widespread acne, medication treatments can be applied. Deep papules and nodules are identified by dermatologists and acne treatment is performed with medications determined according to the individual's age and metabolism. Oral medications are also used in the treatment of dark and deep scars that occur after acne.

Antibiotic and isotretinoin treatments are applied, while hormone medications are used for acne scar treatment in women.

What Are Acne Scar Treatments?

Acne treatments are determined and applied based on individuals' acne structures, skin structures, gender, and age. Various methods are applied for the treatment of deep scars left by treated acne, dark-colored appearances, or open pores.

Especially products containing vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide products are used to open clogged pores on the skin surface. While preventing the growth of bacteria in skin pores, various cleansers and lotions ensure that the skin is softer and cleaner.

The methods used in acne scar treatments are as follows;

  • Acne scar treatment with Dermapen

  • Acne scar treatment with PRP filling

  • Acne scar treatment with laser device

  • Acne scar treatment with derma roller

After acne treatments, pore tightening and scar treatment programs are applied according to the determined methods. Especially in cystic acne, large pores may form, and after treated acne, bumps and large pores may be visible on the skin surface.

PRP filling applications are highly effective in closing large pores on the skin surface.

Acne Scar Treatment with Laser

Acne scar treatment with Erbium Yag laser is one of the preferred methods. With the method applied as skin renewal programs, high radiation is given to be absorbed by chromophores on the skin. The light converted into heat energy provides treatment in the skin layers. The damaged area is treated by vaporization, and collagen synthesis in the skin is stimulated to create new cells and repair pores.

Local anesthetic creams are applied before the application to alleviate pain during the procedure. Various solutions are used during laser acne scar treatment, and laser damage is avoided. The application area is determined according to the intensity of acne scars. Pore tightening, spot treatment, and passing deep scars are prioritized, and the duration of treatment is determined according to individuals' skin structures.

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