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Nose Filling

Nasal filling procedure or non-surgical nasal filling aesthetic solutions is a much more affordable and cost-effective procedure compared to rhinoplasty surgery.

For this reason, this application, which is very advantageous for patients and is satisfied by everyone who has it done, includes nasal filling among the filling procedures that are frequently applied today.

The nose filling process, which can be corrected with surgery but also finds a solution to many problems from surgery, gives very good results when applied with various techniques.

Information : This content was updated on 12.03.2024

Who should or should have Filling Aesthetics? Age-related disorders, smoking-related disorders, sagging as a result of sun and gravity, decrease in collagen in the skin over time, and formation of wrinkles should be done to remove them. And over time, the amount of fat in the facial area both decreases, and the location of the fat changes, and sagging and hanging begin to occur on our face.

The resulting sagging and formed pits are corrected with filling aesthetics in a single operation or several sessions. Filling aesthetics; is the reinforcement process applied to the area with volume deficiency or the area with tissue reduction.

However, this is only the simplest and easiest version. The effect on the area where the filling aesthetic is applied depends on the type of filling material used, its structure, and of course its good quality.

Facial filling and correction aesthetics; It is to reduce the rejuvenating effect of the anti-wrinkle filling material in the upper face region, in the lower face region.

The aging and tired skin is stimulated with support materials and the wrinkle removal process is successfully applied. When passive wrinkles that cannot be eliminated are combined with face filling, an improvement of up to 0 is achieved and the person who is treated returns home happily.

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Nose filling and skin filling, which is a procedure that has been applied a lot recently and has very successful results, should be done in healthy hands and with experts.

The chemically applied substance retains its structure for a certain period. In other words, it is not very correct to expect the filling area to be inactive, lip filling, rhinoplasty, or the filling made to the forehead or the tip of the nose to melt at the same time. Since the lip is the most active and most used area, the melting time of the lip filler may be shorter compared to other areas.

Another factor that reduces and affects the melting time or permanence of the filler is the person's lifestyle. The efficiency of the filling inevitably decreases in people who have excessive consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and harmful habits, or have a disturbed sleep pattern. When a quality filler is used, the permanence period in the most suitable and ideal conditions or conditions is 9-18 months and this period may vary from person to person.

What is Nose Filling Treatment?

The structure of the nose is a factor that directly affects the image and facial beauty of the person and also negatively affects the self-confidence of the person. Very successful applications are made with rhinoplasty, which ensures that the nose has a large, small, and upright appearance and is not compatible with the facial features of the person, making it an ideal nose.

Although the concept of beauty is quite relative, everyone's face sizes and facial aesthetics are not alike, and applications are made that are suitable for every face type and will not spoil the image. It would be pretty funny if everyone had a similar nose structure.

Surgical and knife-free, an ideal nose without any intervention and the non-allergic nasal filling process suitable for the facial tissue is applied quite frequently.

With the nose filling process, symmetry disorders collapsed or gaps, contour deficiencies, and asymmetrical defects in the nose can be corrected. It is quite easy to have an aesthetic and ideal nose by using filling materials.

Nose filling, which is not a surgical procedure or application, does not negatively affect the social life of the patients and is performed in a very comfortable way, is the ideal solution for those who want to have an aesthetic nose.

For patients who want to have rhinoplasty surgery but are not approved by their doctors or who want to have surgery but are hesitant, it is performed with very painless and short-lasting small touches. The nose filling procedure, which is recommended for people and does not cause any trouble in its implementation, also gives a very clear idea for those who want to see what kind of nose they will have after the surgery.

The nasal filling also gives people self-confidence, as it is a procedure that provides nasal disorders, namely revision. This application, which also meets the need for revision of rhinoplasty, is performed quite comfortably for patients who do not like rhinoplasty, and it is seen as a much more reasonable way by many patients.


How is Nose Filling Applied?

Before the nose filling procedure, which is highly demanded by men or women, the necessary conversation is made with the patient and their wishes and needs are listened to. Then, a digital photograph of the patient is taken and it starts with determining the area to be applied to this photograph.

Afterward, the patient is taken to the area to be treated within the hygiene rules, and numbness is achieved in the nose area in 20-30 minutes with the application of anesthetic cream.

Synthetic forms of hyaluronic acid, which is found in the connective tissue of our body and is a component of the ligaments, are injected into the carefully and carefully planned areas with the help of very fine-tipped needles in a controlled manner. After the injection, the patient is kept waiting and by making a final shape, the nose gets a natural and beautiful shape.

The cost of nasal filling or the price of nasal filling varies according to what kind of filling material will be used and how much it will be used depending on the person and age.

It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. You can get information by contacting us to get information about nose filling treatment and prices 2024.

What Does Nose Filling Eliminate?

Destruction of the nasal arch or arched structure: The most obvious change is the destruction or camouflage of the existing nasal arch, which is very prominent in the nose, especially in the side profile, and affects breathing.

The surrounding, top, and bottom parts of the arch are filled with an appearance as if the arch is absent or as a straight line.

Nose Filling

Correction or lifting of the tip of the nose: It is an application applied to the tip of the nose and applied to the tip of the nose, which raises the tip of the nose to a higher level than the nasal arch point.

In this case, the tip of the nose rises. Even in surgeries, cartilage reinforcements and a filling to the tip of the nose make the nose look more lifted and more beautiful.

Destroying or camouflaging the curvatures in the nose: Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an asymmetrical application that reduces the curvature of the nose with applications made from the nose structure as it is.

The padding on the missing side is evened out by small applications. In this way, your nose looks more symmetrical and more beautiful.

Correction of collapses or falls in the nose: The collapses or falls in the nose can be corrected by nasal filling applied to this part.

Reducing disorders due to previous surgeries: If the patient has undergone previous surgery and disorders have occurred over time, nasal filling aesthetics and disorders can be treated with a nasal filling. The patient's nose is returned to its original state with small touches.

Which Fillings Can Be Performed with Nose Filling Procedure?

Fillers with hyaluronic acid content applied in the non-surgical rhinoplasty or nasal filling process are brands produced by various good brands and approved by the ministry. Although the permanence period of these fillings varies from person to person, it is 12 to 18 months. Therefore, the procedure is repeated between 12 and 18 months, although it varies from person to person, to the area whose permanence is reduced and whose image is deteriorated.

Fillers with names such as Crystalys and Radiesse, which are called calcium hydroxyapatite and can also be taken as mineral fillings, are the most used and most reliable options in nasal filling applications.

The permanence of these fillings is longer than the others and is around 1.5 to 2 years.

However, in our clinic, nasal fillings containing hyaluronic acid, which are healthier and easier to apply and which do not have an allergen structure, are preferred. In many clinics, this application is mostly done using the same filling materials. Therefore, there should be no difference in pricing.

How is Nose Filling Made?

Can Men Have Nose Fillings?

This is the most frequently asked question we have been asked in recent years. Can men also make nose fillings?

Men can also do it safely whenever they want or need it. Of course, if the nose structure is extremely deformed and there is a great problem in terms of health, then we recommend the surgical method to these patients.

Nose filling is the most ideal option for eliminating minor defects and giving the nose a pleasant appearance!

Men often prefer nasal filling to have an aesthetic nose without surgery.

The price of the nose filling process using various techniques; While it varies depending on whether the same filling material is used in each repeated session, it also differs according to the doctor's expertise and whether or not to perform combined procedures.

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Who Is Nose Filling Suitable For?

Anyone over the age of 18 and who has completed their physical development can have a nose filling if they do not have special health problems.

If you are pregnant, have just given birth, or are breastfeeding, it would be a better decision to have it done after these periods have passed.

During the periods mentioned above, your body may have become sensitive and allergic to certain conditions. For this reason, you can have the nose aesthetic filling after b and similar periods have passed.

The nasal filling is a very effective method in various nasal image disorders, arched nose, nose tip lifting, space elimination, reinstatement, and asymmetry reinstatement or correction.

In other words, if you cannot breathe easily through your nose or if you are experiencing various health problems and you want to change the shape of your nose only for aesthetic concerns, the filling may be the right and practical choice for you.

If there is a defect, collapse, or curvature in the structure of the bones and cartilage that separates the nose into two separate regions, called the nasal septum, which causes shortness of breath and forces you at night, this curvature may close one of the nostrils and cause you to have difficulty breathing. The curvature of the septum cannot be treated with filling or injection. To treat this curvature, you need to have nose surgery.

In general, the prices and practicality of nasal filling are much more risk-free and applied in a shorter time than surgical rhinoplasty.

Make sure to research the clinic or health center you will choose to have a nose-filling application in advance and do detailed research about the doctor who will do this application for you. Do not have a nasal filling or other filling procedures in any center that you do not trust, because the prices are affordable.

What are the disadvantages of nasal filling?

There are two disadvantages. Firstly, although the result is not permanent, it is renewed as a result of time. Depending on the type and quality of the filling materials, the effect times are different. As a result, the effect of this application is one or two years depending on the material and injection technique.

Secondly, the main limitation of this technique is that it only changes the nose volume, that is, its appearance, giving it a more pleasant appearance.

If the nose is large and needs to be reduced, if there is an advanced bump or excessive curvature, it will not be sufficient to have a filler injection alone.

For this reason, nose filling for aesthetic purposes may not be suitable for every nose or every situation, because some defects of the nose cannot be easily corrected with this method or are not perfect.

However, nasal filling or nasal filling aesthetic application can fix many problems that can be done with surgery, albeit temporarily. It is a versatile technique and can be easily applied to different types of nose anatomy and skin types.

It is a good and pleasant alternative for patients who are afraid of surgery, do not want to, think that it may be too risky for medical or other reasons, or do not have enough time for the recovery period required by the surgery.

Nose Filling

Advantages of Nose Fillers

The nose or the tip of the nose with nasal filling is usually people who have irregularities in the nasal bone or low nasal tip when viewed from the profile.

Nasal fillings can be mostly calcium hydroxide apatite crystals, fillings containing polycaprolactone, as well as hyaluronic acid fillings are among the most preferred or applied fillings.

The Nasal fillers are mostly chosen from hyaluronic acid-containing fillers. The most important reason for this is that the nose area is difficult and risky in terms of filling applications.

In this region, where the veins and capillaries are dense, it is possible to open a vascular blockage that may occur while filling or applying the nose filling, but only if the filling is completely dissolved.

The hyaluronic acid-containing filling material is the only filling material that can be melted for the opening of the occluded vein as a result of such trauma or impact.

Of course, all precautions are taken during the procedure against all possible complications in the nasal filling, which can be done in expert hands and by specialist doctors.

Complications of the procedures or applications of nasal fillings are avoided by choosing thicker cannulas than the needle, and the procedure is performed in a few minutes without any problems.

The hyaluronic acid filler to be preferred in nasal filling procedures or applications should be selected as high as possible, with a high lifting capacity, and resistant to pressure and trauma.

In the application of nasal filling made or applied by cannula, a single point entry is made at the tip of the nose and it is possible to reach all areas of the nose with this point entry.

With this application, which causes trauma or bruising, even if it is very small, the person can continue his daily life uninterruptedly. Mild edema or swelling may occur for a few days after the nose filling procedure or application.

Removal of depressions and deformities in the noses of those who have just had a nose operation or nose surgery is also taken care of with this nasal filling application.

However, if people who want to have nasal filling are going to have surgery, they should have this application done to the places where the nose filling is needed later, as the nasal anatomy will change after the surgery. It should be applied by experienced doctors who know their job and are specialized in this field.

Before the application, the nose area should be thoroughly disinfected and the nose area should be prepared. The nose tip should be anesthetized with a very thin needle and the cannula should be applied afterward.

This procedure is completed painlessly by making a single-point entry with the cannula. If this application or procedure is to be done at once with a needle, the nose should be anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream and the procedure should be done when that area becomes numb.

After the cream has been waiting for at least half an hour, the application or the nose filling process has not been done, the patient should not feel this.

Some thinning can be done with nasal filling in those with wide nose volume or nose wings. For those who have or have a chin problem, chin filling should be applied first, as the nose will appear proportionally larger.

The average duration of the melting and disappearance of the nasal filling is 1-1.5 years. At the end of this period, if desired, nose filling can be applied to the same area again.

Threads are also used to lift the nose and make it look straighter. These threads are mostly on the cannulas and they pull the nose up with the awns on the threads. Its permanence, that is, the melting and disappearing period, is an average of 1 year.

In nose shaping, injection is applied to the muscle group that pulls down, and the muscles in this area are temporarily paralyzed, preventing the nose from falling or pulling down while laughing. By injecting the muscle groups that are outside this muscle group and opening the nose wings, the nose can be automatically made to look a little thinner and smaller.

Lifting the nose with nasal filling or threads can sometimes facilitate the breathing of people who cannot breathe through the nose or who have difficulty breathing.

Your doctor should decide, not you, to have nose surgery or nose filling. Therefore, first of all, you should have a preliminary interview with your doctor and you can determine whether you are the right time or the right candidate for nasal filling according to his or her directions.

What is Non-Surgical Nose Filling Aesthetics?

When it comes to non-surgical rhinoplasty, we get confused! How is rhinoplasty without surgery or does it give good results?

If the nose is bony, how can its shape change? Such questions may come to your mind. However, the shape of the nose can be changed without surgery by using the nose filling consciously and by the specialist.

Of course, although there are no definite changes like surgery, it makes very positive changes in the nose and can be done in a short time like 5-10 minutes.

In particular, people who do not want to undergo rhinoplasty, in other words, nose aesthetics, who do not have major functional or aesthetic defects in the nose structure, who do not experience excessive difficulty in breathing, prefer non-surgical rhinoplasty methods.

Although various methods have been applied in the past for non-surgical rhinoplasty, the nasal filling method is an invaluable application above the gold standards in this field.

Nose surgery is difficult and somewhat painful, and many people are afraid, one of the most suitable solutions for people who do not want a permanent change in their nose but want it to look beautiful is nasal filling.

The nasal filling makes the nose look perfect for a certain period, depending on the nature of the temporary filling material. With a nasal filling, you can make your nose bone disappear or straighten or make your nose look more upturned.

Nasal filler does not show any allergic reaction as it has ingredients compatible with the skin. It disappears harmlessly on its own over time.

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