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Under Eye Bruises

Dark circles under the eyes, which is one of the fearful dreams of women, can occur for many reasons. It may have certain causes such as fatigue and sleep problems, or it may be due to illness.

Except for normal swelling or collapse under the eyes, if there is a clearly visible bruising, it would be beneficial to have it checked. Thus, you can identify the cause and find healthy solutions. For your beauty, it is a temporary solution to just cover it up with make-up materials. General causes of under-eye bruises;

  • It may be due to genetics.
  • It is the result of the increase of the dark color in the skin due to the increase of the substance called melanin in the skin.
  • Dark circles under the eyes may also be due to vitamin deficiency. B, C, K, E etc. vitamins.
  • It is also possible that the under-eye appears to be bruised due to facial features.
  • Conditions such as protruding bones on the face, pits under the eyes, swelling under the eyes; It can cause veining and then dark circles.
  • In men and women, aging-related dark circles can also occur. Because, with the advancement of age, the veins become more prominent due to the decrease in the collagen substance available in our body.
  • Caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. substances also cause bruising under the eyes. Smoking deprives the body of oxygen and subsequently causes many diseases. Under-eye bruises are one of them. In addition, substances such as alcohol and caffeine cause thirst. If the amount of water the body needs is not met, this invites different diseases. And it makes the veins more prominent.

Dark circles under the eyes occur why?

Under-eye bruises may be caused by different reasons. For this reason, each individual needs to evaluate it according to his/her own situation. First of all, instead of covering it with make-up materials, it should be tried to find a definitive solution.

It is important that you pass the necessary control and determine the cause of the dark circles under the eyes. In this way, with the help of an expert, you can find out why and find healthy solutions, so you do not risk your health. Under-eye bruises; It can be caused by illness, diet related, or lifestyle-related.

For this reason, it will be beneficial for you to learn the reason for its solution. Treatment methods and practices will vary depending on the cause. Due to reasons such as diet and lifestyle, you can get over it in a short time. However, if it is related to your age or genetics or your facial features, you will be able to apply for applications such as aesthetics.

What are the Treatment Methods for Under-Eye Bruises?

Treatment methods differ from person to person. Not everyone who experiences dark circles under the eyes is faced with the same situation for a single reason. As a result, treatment methods also change. Against conditions such as fatigue, insomnia; You can apply masks under your eyes with herbal methods such as cucumber and potato. Likewise, green tea will also relieve your eyes from tiredness.

Cold water is also effective. You can apply a compress around your eyes with ice cubes. If it is due to nutrition, you should pay attention to what you eat and you need to take the vitamins you need to take. In cases such as aging, facial features, genetics; You can get help from an expert about aesthetic applications.

Under Eye Bruises Atakoy

If the under-eye bruises you experience cannot be resolved with natural methods, then you can get help from aesthetic specialists. The cause and solution of bruising under the eyes will vary from person to person. Depending on the cause, the solution methods also differ.

Therefore, you should definitely seek the help of a physician. In line with your blood tests, after learning the reason; related to genetics, age or etc. If you are experiencing bruising under the eyes as a result of situations, you can get help from plastic surgery or beauty centers for the solution.

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