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Golden Needle Application and Treatment

Golden needle therapy is a method that emerged with the development of the radiofrequency technique, which has been used in the field of aesthetics for years in the medical field.

The application for rejuvenating the skin surface, correcting the scars and firm skin takes place at different session intervals depending on the treatment methods. Often, a single session is not enough. It is applied for around two or three sessions at intervals of a few weeks.


The application number intervals are determined by the experts by looking at the skin structure. The shooting technique is used in the application made by a professional who is an expert in his field.

The skin is divided into areas so that the skin is not damaged during the shot. The energy is transmitted under the skin by dividing, not completely.

According to the practice sessions; gold needle treatment and prices vary in 2021. It would be helpful to talk to a specialist to get clear information on the subject.

What is Gold Needle Treatment?


The stress brought by fast and modern life is among the important details that cause the skin to enter the premature aging process. Environmental conditions, age factor also cause stains, neck wrinkles, sagging hands, and arms.

It is seen as the most effective and safe one among the aesthetic applications applied to eliminate these effects. After the miracles performed in expert hands, the skin is expected to regain its former state.

The process of repairing the layer that exists on the lower part of the skin surface is called gold needle treatment.

The cells in the area are expected to act quickly and repair the damage on their own.

It is a procedure that is frequently used in the treatment of the forehead, eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, eye area, and hands. It is one of the most beautiful aspects of the treatment that it can be applied in summer and winter. In a short time, the process that is done in a row is different from other applications.

How Is Gold Needle Treatment Done?


After the radiofrequency device with a gold-needle head comes into contact with the skin, micro-needles quickly enter the skin. The holes created by the microneedles on the skin surface are delivered to the skin through the needle tip without damaging the skin.

Minor damage to the lower part of the skin surface is not a cause for concern. In this way, it is ensured that the reparative systems and the cell move faster.

The procedure is performed using very small needles. Needles, on the other hand, are safe and completely personal. The needle sizes used differ according to the regions determined by the specialist.

For What Purposes Is Golden Needle Therapy Used?

It is an important point to keep up with the fast and social life of the modern age. Having well-groomed skin by using advanced technologies is a positive development. The name of the resistance against time is the smoothness of the skin surface.

For this purpose, skincare is among the well-known and preferred treatments. If we look at which skin problems the gold needle treatment, which leaves behind many treatments for a well-groomed skin, is used;

Neck and décolleté area: especially the neck and décolleté area are among the areas that pay the most attention to the skin. In this treatment, sagging and wrinkles are effectively resolved.

In the treatment of acne scars: Red and sunken images, which usually occur in the face area, leave scars over time.

Removal of acne scars located on the skin surface is a very big problem. Thanks to the golden needle application, it is possible to make great progress in the disappearance of these disturbing scars. The scars that are not too deep will disappear.

In the treatment of wounds on the skin surface: Laser applications or various injuries on the skin can be permanent. These scars have an effect that spoils the appearance of the skin and disturbs people.

The side effects such as itching and burning are also seen in an even more disturbing dimension. The golden needle application, which completely removes light and moderate scars, has the effect of providing visible healing in high-grade scars.

Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment: It is one of the most effective applications among skin rejuvenation treatments. The application of millimetric needles with the help of a special tool gives an excellent effect on the skin.

It is among the most preferred applications because it is a permanent treatment in facial tightening and skin rejuvenation processes. It is among the alternative treatments of aesthetic application without the need for surgery. It is sufficient to numb the area to be applied with cream.

Stretch mark treatment: After rapid weight gain or pregnancy, stretch marks occur in various parts of the body.
For the treatment of these cracks, golden needle application gives effective results. It can completely disappear depending on the person's body structure, lifestyle, and fat ratios in the body. It has a reducing effect on cracks with very high density.

How Many Sessions Does Gold Needle Treatment Take?

First of all, it appears as a process that requires examination. It is an important detail that the skin is examined by a specialist in the field.

Then, according to the skin structure and condition, clear information about how many sessions will be applied by the specialist and gold needle prices can be obtained.

Considering the shortest duration of treatment, it was seen as 2 sessions with an interval of 15 days. As important as the problem is, its causes are among the important factors affecting the session duration. After the first session, the effects of gold needle treatment begin to be seen, and after the second session, it achieves visible results.

Considerations After Gold Needle Treatment

Since it is an extremely painless treatment, there is no painful condition after the gold needle treatment. However, there are points to be considered behind the application. These points are;

  • Redness and edema are seen on the face for a few days.
  • Special creams and gels given by the specialist should be used as determined.
  • After the application, oil-based products should not be used for a while.
  • Recommended sunscreens must be water-based.
  • A light foundation can be used 7-8 hours after the application.
  • It is possible to participate in social life.
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