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Golden Needle Application and Treatment

Gold Needle Therapy is a method that emerged with the development of radio frequency technique, which has been used in the field of aesthetics for years in the medical field.

The application, which is done to tighten the skin surface, correct scars, and achieve firm skin, occurs at different session intervals compared to other treatment methods. Usually, a single session is not considered sufficient. Applications are performed at intervals of a few weeks, typically two or three sessions.

This Content: Updated on 01.01.2024

The number of sessions and intervals of application are determined by experts based on the skin structure. The application performed with the guidance of a professional in the field utilizes a shot technique.

To prevent damage to the skin during the shots, the skin areas are divided. Energy is delivered not fully but divided to reach the subcutaneous layer.

Depending on the sessions of the application, gold needle therapy and prices in 2024 vary. It would be beneficial to consult with an expert for precise information on the subject.

What is Gold Needle Therapy?


The significant details brought about by the fast-paced and modern life contribute to the premature aging process of the skin. Environmental conditions, along with the age factor, result in the formation of spots, neck wrinkles, and sagging in the hands and arms.

Among the aesthetic procedures applied to alleviate these effects, it is seen as the most effective and safe. It is expected that after miracles performed by expert hands, the skin will return to its former state.

At its core, repairing the layer existing below the surface of the skin is called gold needle therapy.

The rapid movement of cells in the area and their ability to self-repair damage are expected.

The procedure is commonly used in the treatment of forehead, eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, eye area, and hands. Its versatility in being applicable throughout the year is one of the most advantageous aspects of the treatment. The sequential procedure carried out over a short period of time is different from other applications.

How is Gold Needle Therapy Performed?


After the skin contact of the radiofrequency device with a gold needle head, micro needles rapidly penetrate into the skin. The holes created by micro needles on the skin surface allow high energy to reach the skin through the needle tip without damaging the skin.

Example of Gold Needle Therapy

Causing minor damage to the lower part of the skin surface is not a concern. This allows the repair systems and cells to move faster.

The procedure is performed using very small needles, which are safe and entirely personalized. Needle lengths used vary according to the regions determined by the specialist.

For What Purposes is Gold Needle Therapy Used?

Adapting to the fast-paced and social life of the modern age is an important point. Having a well-groomed skin by benefiting from advanced technologies is a positive development. Resisting against time also means having a smooth skin surface.

For this purpose, skin care is quite a well-known and preferred treatment among individuals. Looking at what skin problems gold needle therapy is used to address;

The Neck and Décolletage: Especially the neck and décolletage are among the most carefully observed areas on the skin. Sagging and wrinkles are effectively resolved with this treatment.

In the treatment of acne scars: Red and raised spots commonly occurring on the face leave scars over time.

Removing acne scars that have settled on the skin surface can be a significant problem. Significant progress can be made in eliminating these bothersome marks through gold needle application. Less deep scars disappear entirely.

In the treatment of skin wounds: Laser treatments or various injuries occurring on the skin's surface can be permanent. These marks disrupt the appearance of the skin and discomfort individuals.

It can be even more disturbing to have side effects such as itching and burning. Gold needle application completely eliminates mild to moderate scars and has a noticeable effect on healing high-grade scars.

Skin tightening and wrinkle treatment: It is one of the most effective applications among skin tightening treatments. The application of millimeter needles through a special tool by a specialist provides an excellent effect on the skin.

Facial tightening and skin rejuvenation procedures are among the most preferred treatments due to their permanent effects. It is among the alternative treatments of aesthetic procedures without the need for surgery. Numbing the area to be treated with cream is sufficient.

Stretch mark treatment: Rapid weight gain or loss, or situations like pregnancy, lead to stretch marks in various areas of the body.

Gold needle application is effective in treating stretch marks as well. Depending on the individual's body structure, lifestyle, and body fat levels, it can completely disappear. It has a reducing effect on stretch marks that are highly dense.

How Many Sessions Does Gold Needle Therapy Take?

First of all, it emerges as a procedure that requires examination. It is an important detail for the skin to be examined by a professional expert in the field.

Then, depending on the skin structure and condition, clear information can be obtained from the expert about how many sessions will be applied and the prices of gold needle.

If we look at the shortest duration of treatment, it has been observed as 2 sessions with a 15-day interval. The reasons for the problem are among the important factors that affect the session durations as well as the importance of the problem. Gold needle therapy, which starts to show its effects after the first session, achieves visible results after the second session.

Things to Consider After Gold Needle Therapy

Since it is a completely painless treatment, there is no painful condition after gold needle therapy. However, there are points to be considered after the application. These points;

  • Redness and swelling can be observed on the face for a few days.
  • Special creams and gels given by the expert should be used as determined.
  • Fatty products should not be used for a while after the application.
  • It is important for recommended sunscreens to be water-based.
  • A light foundation can be used 7-8 hours after the application.
  • Social activities can be carried out.

 Those Who Have Gold Needle Treatment

Those who have gold needle treatment generally achieve high satisfaction from the procedure. Thanks to the procedure; they quickly reach a smooth, spotless, and healthy skin.

Before and After Gold Needle Treatment

When evaluated before and after gold needle treatment; a noticeable change occurs after the procedure due to the renewal and tightening of the skin texture and its wrinkle-reducing effects.

Gold Needle Therapy

What Are the Advantages of Gold Needle?

Gold needle has become a popular method in skincare and beauty in recent years. In this method, small gold needles placed on certain points of the body are aimed at rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin. So, what are the advantages of gold needle for the skin?

Reduces signs of aging on the skin: Gold needle therapy is effective in skin rejuvenation. This treatment method reduces wrinkles on the skin, providing a younger and smoother appearance.

Equalizes skin tone: Helps you achieve a healthier appearance by evening out the skin tone.

Reduces spots on the skin: Assists in achieving a more uniform skin tone by reducing spots on the skin.

Reduces skin sagging: Helps you achieve firmer skin by reducing skin sagging.

Increases collagen production in the skin: Helps you achieve a healthier and younger-looking skin appearance by increasing collagen production.

Reduces inflammation on the skin: Helps you achieve cleaner and healthier skin by reducing inflammation.

Moisturizes the skin: Helps you achieve a more moisturized and radiant skin by maintaining the skin's moisture balance.

Considering all these advantages, gold needle therapy can be preferred as an effective method in skin care and beauty.

Gold Needle Therapy Prices 2024

Gold needle prices provided by dermatologists vary significantly depending on the procedures to be performed on individuals. It wouldn't be accurate to specify an average price even for these procedures. Consulting with a specialized professional and then learning about the procedures to be performed and getting the price afterwards emerges as the most accurate option.

In Gold Needle Therapy, prices generally vary depending on the amount of material used and the extent of the area. In cases where long-term effects of filler materials are desired, the cost tends to be slightly higher.

When Does Gold Needle Therapy Show Its Effect?

The effects of gold needle therapy are generally noticeable immediately after the application, but the full results may vary from person to person. Immediately after the procedure, there is an increase in skin tightness and vitality, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles may be observed. Therefore, many people immediately achieve a younger and fresher skin appearance after treatment.

However, it may take a few weeks for optimal results. Because gold needle therapy triggers collagen production, facilitating the skin's restructuring. This period becomes more pronounced over time with cell renewal and healing of the skin.

To enhance the effects of the treatment, it is important to protect the skin from the sun after the procedure, follow a healthy skin care routine, and adhere to the doctor's recommended care instructions. This way, the rejuvenating effects achieved with gold needle therapy can last for a long time.