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Does mesotherapy have side effects ?

exp. Dr. Hande Ulusal "Are There Any Side Effects of Facial Mesotherapy?" informs.

After the facial mesotherapy procedure, the expected side effects may be temporary redness and temporary swelling in the applied areas. These usually disappear within half an hour or an hour. Again, one of the expected side effects is bruises. Of course, these bruises do not occur in every injection site, there may be small bruises at some points. In order to prevent these bruising, we can recommend ice application after the procedure and some topical, gel or cream treatments that will allow the bruises to pass more.

Apart from these, other side effects that may be encountered in mesotherapy may be allergic reactions. This can occur if the person has a sensitivity to a substance in the mesotherapy solution used. Usually, if such a reaction occurs, it can be brought under control with either cream or oral allergy-relieving treatments.

Another possible side effect can be infections. In case of infection, it can be brought under control with the use of oral or topical antibiotics depending on the degree of infection. In order to prevent infections, we recommend that the person's face not be touched with water for 24 hours, if possible, and that some make-up materials such as foundation or powder should not be applied.