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Russian Technique of Lip Filling

Russian Technique of Lip Filling 

Russian art of lip filler

It is also called Russian Lips, in recent years, many techniques and application methods have been developed with the increasing demands for filling applications, one of them is Russian lip filling or technique, although it seems like an evaluation based on the Russian lip structure here, the main idea is always filling or aesthetics suitable for the face. the form of transactions.

Russian technique lip augmentation price

The procedures performed with this application technique vary according to the amount of filling to be used, you can get information from our clinic for the procedure prices in Russian technique lip filling applications.

What is the Russian technique of lip augmentation?

Russian What is the technique of lip fillers

One of the most distinctive features of a natural and beautiful face is plump feminine lips. While many applications can be made today with non-surgical aesthetic methods, different techniques are used on the lips to become more beautiful day by day, and the idea of aging well is settled in almost all women, due to many reasons. There may be a deformity in the lips or out of the desired image. Nowadays, filling applications can be easily performed on the lips without the need for surgery without being exposed to general anesthesia.

Russian lip fillers

Russian Lips Lip Filling, which can be preferred by many people, is a treatment technique that can be applied easily.

By creating regional numbness, almost there will be no pain. Russian Lips Lip Filling is also called baby lip in some discourses, the area that differs from classical lip filling techniques is that the lip frame is not created very clearly, in the right conditions similar to other filling applications, that is, absolutely expert. Russian Technique Lip Filling - Russian Lips is applied by numbing it with local anesthesia with clinical opportunities by physicians.

Rus lips fillers

In general, the Russian Lips Lip Filler is the nomenclature of a lip filling application. The fillings used as in other classical lip filling applications are hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillings, permanent filling materials are not recommended and we do not use them. In these filling applications, the permanence of the lips is similar to the general lip filling applications because the filling types used in other lip filling applications vary only in technique.

With the use of the Russian lip augmentation technique, the lips get an extremely natural volume, and the lip frame does not have any slippage, etc. situation is prevented.

How to make Russian technique lip augmentation?

In Russian technique lip filling applications (Russian Lips Lip Filling), the amount of filling is given gradually and according to the shape compared to general lip filling applications. In this filling application technique (in the application of Russian Lips Lip Filling), the fillings applied are made to the lip from top to bottom, which can be included in the technical formula that supports a good shape and clarification on the lips.

Who can apply the Russian technique of lip augmentation?

Who can have Russian technique lip augmentation?

Russian technique is a technique used by physicians in lip filling applications (Russian Lips Lip Filling). As always, these types of transactions require expertise and experience. It is important to choose a physician with careful and good research, and these procedures should not be performed in hands that are not physicians.

What is the permanence period of the Russian technique of lip augmentation?

Russian technique lip augmentation applications (Russian Lips) are asked how long they last on the lips, although the permanence usually depends on the skin type, it can be between 15 and 20 months.

Will there be a pain in practice and when to return to daily life?

Creams are applied with local anesthesia and the application is almost completed with the feeling of a fly bite, 

After the Russian technique lip augmentation applications, the return to daily life is immediate, but for the first 1-2 days, you should not be in very hot areas such as Turkish baths and saunas, and beverages should not be preferred.