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Diamond Lift Application for Prominent Chin and Jawline

The Secret of Attractive Appearance: Facial Triangle

Along with the changing and developing aesthetic perception over time, awareness is provided in different parts of the face. We explained the place of the chin and jaw line in the harmony of the face and the perception of beauty.

Diamond Lift Application for prominent chin and jawline

With the changing and developing aesthetic perception over time, awareness is created in a different part of the face every year. In the previous years, the focus was on filling lines and wrinkles and giving volume to the face. This year, applications that cover the lower face with a more holistic approach to ensure the harmony of the face are mentioned. Changes in the subcutaneous fat tissue and bone structure during the aging process cause the face to acquire a square appearance. In the young population, the lag of the chin due to structural bone structure weakness and the uncertainty of the chin contour are among the most frequently mentioned issues. However, a triangular face like a diamond is the main element of beauty, youth and attractiveness. This desired appearance can be achieved thanks to the high lifting capacity of the Diamond Lift application, which offers a special technology that preserves the natural hyaluronic acid structure.

Studies show that hard gels with high lifting properties provide sharpness in the jaw and jaw line by imitating the bone structure. With the Diamond Lift application in female clients, a triangular, pointed, proportionately proportional to the upper and middle face, extending slightly forward, thus a chin image compatible with the nose and lips in the profile image can be obtained. This application is also preferred in patients with structural smallness or cupping in the chin. With the application, the ideal V face shape can be reached with the sharpness provided in the jaw line. Process; It is done by injecting it under the skin with a fine-tipped needle or cannula. The procedure, which is easily applied with topical anesthesia, is extremely painless and painless. It can be completed in 10-20 minutes. The Diamond Lift application can also be performed on men, taking into account the male anatomy and ideal facial proportions. The chin has an important place in creating a masculine appearance in men. With the Diamond Lift application, a square face form with a strong, prominent chin and sharp jaw line is created and the masculine appearance is strengthened. With the Diamond Lift application, clients can continue their daily lives from where they left off in a short time, with natural-looking results without surgery.

Published in the October 2019 Marie Claire magazine.