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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite, also known as the "orange peel" appearance in parts of the body, such as hips and legs, is seen in approximately 80-90 of women. At the same time, cellulite is among the most important aesthetic problems of women. Cellulite, which occurs due to many reasons, does not disappear permanently without making a serious change in lifestyle, thanks to eating habits. It can be applied in combination or alone with many treatments together with surgical and medical treatment.

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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is an aesthetic skin problem that manifests itself with irregular formations resembling an orange peel on the skin surface. Human body; consists of muscle, fat and bone tissue. As people age, the adipose tissue in the body increases physiologically. Cellulite, on the other hand, is a normal condition that occurs with age. In the medical literature, different names are given such as "gynoid lipodystrophy", "edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy" or "adipose edema". Many people to get rid of this problem, what is the cellulite treatment? He is investigating.

What Causes Cellulite?

Why do many people who suffer from cellulite problem develop cellulite? Wondering. The connective tissue bands in some areas also extend vertically between the fat cells. It connects the upper layers of the skin to the much deeper tissues of the body. Bands also occur in chambers or mini-pockets where normal sized fat cells have sufficient free space. When the fat cells expand, the bands compress the adipose tissue like a net, causing the appearance of indented and protruding cellulite. While the expanding fat cells cause very small swellings, the tight 'septa' adipose tissue also shrinks, causing some dimples. Excessive amount of fat cells under the upper layers of the skin, called the dermis and epidermis, are also stored. In this way, a rough appearance emerges.

What is Cellulite Treatment?

Do many people with cellulite problem go away with cellulite laser? Wondering. There are many treatment options for cellulite. But in order to get rid of the cellulite caused by the adipose tissue accumulated in the body, the lifestyle needs to be changed. Diet and exercise should be priority options. In order to tighten the body, sports, which are recommended for the person during the weight loss process and afterwards, are very important in the treatment of cellulite. If diet and exercise do not have an effect on cellulite, surgical (liposuction) options can also be considered, thanks to procedures and devices that focus on deformed fat tissue. In particular, devices that work with the logic of massage reduce the accumulated fat tissue by accelerating the blood circulation in the long term.

Laser Cellulite Treatment



Some people choose to have laser cellulite treatment for cellulite treatment. Therefore, what is laser cellulite treatment? It is frequently asked by many. During the laser cellulite treatment, fat cells are absorbed through a thin tube placed under the skin through a small incision on the skin. Although liposuction alone shapes the body easily, it does not remove cellulite. For this reason, it can further enhance the orange peel appearance.Laser assisted liposuction gives much more effective results in cellulite treatment. This treatment, on the other hand, is a different method of liposuction, which destroys fat cells while tightening the skin. Does cellulite treatment hurt? Many people are wondering. Third-degree cellulites can cause pain. Pain may occur, especially in women who are in the menopause period. Pain may occur in the abdomen, legs, arms, hips and buttocks where cellulite is present.

Is Cellulite Treatment Harmful?

Many people in our country want to see cellulite treatment. Is cellulite treatment harmful? Many people are wondering. In medical treatment, very important treatments such as cellulite removal radiofrequency, ultrasound, creams, carboxytherapy, electrotherapy, pressotherapy, vacuum therapy, laser treatments that break down the fibrous bands between the adipose tissue and mesotherapy, which dissolves the increased fat tissue and regulates the circulation, can be used alone or in combination.

These devices, which have made the classical massage method much more professionally, especially in recent years, both accelerate blood circulation and aim to correct the uneven distribution of lubrication by taking advantage of the vacuum and positive pressure effect. Mesotherapy and procedures with various injections are treatments performed to break down fat cells.

How Long Does Cellulite Treatment Take?

How many sessions are applied to people who will have cellulite treatment frequently ? Wondering. In cellulite treatments with laser, different sessions can be applied depending on the structure of cellulite and the physical characteristics of the person. Generally, in applications between 4 and 6 sessions, 2 sessions can be applied if there is mild cellulite, and up to 8 sessions when it is heavy cellulite. Regional thinning treatments applied with laser are completed in 3-4 sessions on average. There may be significant differences in the session and application time depending on the area to be treated, the fat ratio of the regional slimming area and the size. In some accelerated programs, several sessions can be applied in a week.

Does cellulite go away with treatment?

Will cellulite go away? Many people are wondering. Cellulite formation and elimination is not possible. However, it is possible to significantly reduce the formation of cellulite by applying some various treatments and taking some precautions. In particular, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle help to minimize the appearance of cellulite. In addition, maintaining a healthy body weight helps to minimize the degree of dimples in the abdomen or thighs. Muscle-strengthening exercises for the belly and thighs also help to reduce and shape the areas where cellulite appears. In this way, many people can get rid of their cellulite and significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. For this, it is necessary to use the appropriate treatment method.

How to treat stretch marks? 

Does Cellulite Go Away? Many people wonder. Cellulite formation and elimination are not entirely possible. However, it is possible to significantly reduce cellulite formation by applying various treatments and taking some precautions. Especially maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle helps minimize the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, maintaining a healthy body weight helps minimize the degree of dimpling in the abdomen or thighs. Strengthening exercises for the abdomen and thighs also help reduce the visibility and shape of cellulite-prone areas. This way, many people can have the opportunity to get rid of their cellulite and significantly reduce its appearance. It is necessary to use the appropriate treatment method for this.

Cellulite Treatment

What Should Be Considered After Cellulite Treatment?

There are also some points to be considered after cellulite treatment. We can list these points as follows:

Follow the healing process: The healing process is important after cellulite treatment. It is important to follow the healing process by following your doctor's recommendations after treatment.

Pay attention to water intake: Water consumption is also an important factor after cellulite treatment. Drinking an adequate amount of water helps eliminate toxins from the body and maintains the skin's moisture balance.

Exercise: Exercise is important even after cellulite treatment. Regular exercise increases blood circulation and helps reduce fat under the skin.

Eat healthily: Continuing with a healthy eating program is important after cellulite treatment. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, choosing fiber-rich foods, and consuming healthy fats can prevent cellulite formation.

Moisturize your skin: Moisturizing the skin is important after cellulite treatment. Moisturizing the skin with moisturizing products helps maintain skin elasticity and reduces cellulite formation.

Take precautions to prevent new cellulite formation: It is important to take precautions to prevent new cellulite formation after cellulite treatment. These include continuing with a healthy eating program, regular exercise, drinking an adequate amount of water, and moisturizing your skin.

Remember, there are many factors to consider even after cellulite treatment. Therefore, it is important to spend the post-treatment period in a healthy way by following your doctor's recommendations.