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Chin Filling

An ideally proportioned chin structure makes facial symmetry look stronger and more attractive. Deformities and symmetry disorders are easily corrected with chin filling applications. Moreover, without the need for surgical operation, you can achieve more proportional facial lines and a more dynamic appearance with minor adjustments.

How is Chin Filling Made?

Application with hyaluronic acid fillers are methods applied both to obtain aesthetic form and to eliminate deformities. Curves and cambers are made proportional by applying the injection method to the points determined during the inspection.

It is among the extremely easy and painless applications. Immediately after the procedure, the person can return to his daily activities. Moreover, it is among the practical applications made without any traces or symptoms.

The aesthetic method applied to correct the hollow appearance in the chin is done to shape and configure the lower face area. The chin filling process using dermal fillers is different from other applications. In addition to the hyaluronic acid treatment; bovine collagen (an allergy test is required 4 weeks before treatment), fat cells and man-made biodegradable polymer, calcium hydroxylapatite type materials.

However, the most applied and FDA approved method is Hyaluronic acid filling.

Symmetry Disorders in the Jaw Area

Common deformities include chin size or jaw line uncertainty. There are problems such as asymmetry depending on the physical characteristics and bone structures of the people, as well as under the chin sagging depending on time.

We can talk about what is chin filling, that there are aesthetic applications made to eliminate common deformities and to gain an aesthetic one. Jaw filling can be applied in cases such as weak chin structure, wrinkles under the chin area, and indistinct chin curves and folds.

Jaw dimples are also among the applications that can be corrected with chin filling. The jaw structure, which represents youth, dynamism and attractiveness, is directly related to the bone structure. The bone structure extending to the anterior jaw region in a straight and strong form from the point where the lower jaw bone starts, can be of different types such as pointed in some, round, square, recessed, indistinct or very prominent in others.

The important thing is that it harmonizes with the symmetry of the face. It can be applied on jaws that are larger or smaller than the facial symmetry.

Should Chin Filling Be Done?

Filling is done directly on the underside of the skin tissue. A more ideal form is obtained by filling the collapsed area. Generally, a V-shaped jaw structure is tried to be obtained. However, since the symmetry and characteristics of each face are different, a good analysis should be done before the application.

It can be applied to people who want to add a more dynamic and youthful expression to their facial symmetry. Since it is among the temporary applications, it can be considered as reliable transactions.

How Long Does the Jaw Filling Process Take?

These are procedures that are completed in 10-15 minutes on average, depending on the age and jaw structure of the person. Applications without the need for anesthesia can be applied using anesthetic credit for sensitive people. The chin filling process, whose structural features are clarified, is among the temporary applications. It provides an average of 6 to 8 months of use.

Chin Filling Advantages

As for how to make chin filling, we can talk about the fact that filling is a painless and painless application as one of the practical aesthetic applications. Surgical procedures can also be applied to correct the problems in the bone structure within the scope of chin aesthetics, or various methods can be applied to remove excess fat and sagging in the under-chin area.

Jaw filling is a method applied to have an ideal appearance quickly and easily, and to correct shape and symmetry disorders in a practical way.

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