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Non-Surgical Filling Applications

One of the most preferred non-surgical aesthetic procedures is the filler method. Facial aesthetic filler applications are easy and practical procedures that can be applied regionally or on the entire face. Besides hyaluronic acid filler applications, there is also the method of fat injection.

Fat injection, although preferred as a natural method, is applied by purifying fat tissues taken from the individual's own body and then injecting them. Hyaluronic acid filler is an aesthetic application that lasts 6 to 8 months.

Lip filling, tip of the nose aesthetics, cheek and expression lines are among the different areas where filler can be applied. These aesthetic procedures are performed both to eliminate wrinkles and to achieve more proportionate facial features.

Non-surgical filler applications include aesthetic applications that provide a younger appearance by correcting cheekbones, cheeks, upper lip lines, correcting chin symmetry, and achieving fuller lips.

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

You can have a constantly young and fit appearance with non-surgical lifting applications. The net lifting method, which is among both facial and body aesthetic applications, contributes to the complete elimination of sagging and achieving a more dynamic appearance.

Decollete and chest area, back and abdomen area, legs and hip area, as well as sagging and aging signs from the knee area, are included in non-surgical rejuvenation applications.

The method performed as a thread lift treatment is applied to eliminate deep lines and wrinkles on the sides of the nose and sagging around the mouth.

It is a method applied to correct wrinkles and deformed skin tissues on the face, décolleté area, and body. It is applied to lift sagging eyebrows and to tighten sagging skin structure in the chin area.

It ensures the correction of wrinkles on the forehead and neck, complete elimination of sagging in the cheek and submental areas. These are aesthetic methods that can be performed as single applications or combined with filler applications.

Additionally, they are applications performed to eliminate sagging in the abdomen, arms, and legs, and to achieve a younger appearance. In the thread lift application, expansion is applied with absorbable antimicrobial filaments. While the renewed skin gains a more dynamic appearance, tissue lifting is achieved.

Non-Surgical Face Lifting Methods

In the expansion aesthetic with lifting method, the application is made with needles placed under the skin. With the needles placed in the SMAS areas, threads are left in the tissue. Threads used in the lifting application, which do not have any health risks, are self-dissolving threads within the body.

The threads used in non-surgical expansion applications are known as PDO (polydioxinone). Completely absorbable PDO threads support collagen production under the skin. Thanks to the collagen synthesis around the thread, the skin is re-expanded, and a more fit appearance is achieved.

The collagen structure produced in channels ensures the healing of the skin structure. The skin gains elasticity with the lifting effect. The full effect of the net lifting application is determined within 3 months with the renewed appearance of the skin. Starting from 3 months, the collagen structure and lifting effect, which develop progressively, continue for an average of 2 years.

Non-surgical expansion method, which gives a radiant, lively, and younger appearance, is among the most preferred applications in recent years.

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