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What is Jawline Fill?

Jawline filling is a filling application method performed along with two mandibular bone extensions from the tip of the chin to the front of the ear.

It is the process of further clarifying the line on both sides of the face area from the corner of the chin to the tip of the chin. The filling to be made to the chin line and the chin tips make the face area look more attractive, stylish, and aesthetic.

The phenomenon of emphasizing the chin line in the form of clarification and widening of the chin corners, which is accepted as the expression of masculine lines for men, appears in the form of chin masculinization.

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For women, this is aesthetic operations, which are known with different connotations such as Hollywood chin, Angelina Jolie chin, Nefertiti chin, where the junction of the jowl and chin are clarified, the corners of the chin are sharpened and the chin tip is sharpened.

Jawline filling is also known as chin filling. This application is also applied to clarify the current contour of the chin.

Today, chin filling, which is one of the most trendy aesthetic applications of recent times, is at the top of the jawline.

The biggest difference from other procedures is that the ratio of men and women who request jawline surgery is equal in the target audience.

It is quite remarkable that an area in the face area has a common understanding of the concept of beauty for women and men.

Trend State of Jawline Filling Aesthetics

A strong and attractive jaw structure is appreciated by both men and women in every moment of our lives.

In addition to a chin structure that is compatible with the face, the chin, which has a symmetrical and smooth line, shows the face part, which is the first focal point of our body, quite clearly and beautifully.

The genetically inherited jaw structure that we have from birth, and the jaw structure that changes as a result of any impact can reduce this effect.

For this reason, the differences that may occur may be quite small, and there may also be disorders that extend to the extent that people do not like their images.

In such cases, most people may tend to jawline filling operations and undergo plastic surgery for a more attractive, stylish, and symmetrical jaw.

While there is more tendency to rhinoplasty surgeries performed in our country, the tendency to chin filling aesthetics is not much.

Chin aesthetics is a highly preferred operation especially in South Korea and surrounding countries from Asian countries.

With the advancement of technology, the chin filling operation, which is the area of interest of the so-called famous people, has started to become widespread among the public.

In jawline filling applications, the chin is brought forward; The incompatibility between the chin area and the face or the jawlines that have lost their clarity and make them look heavier are brought to the fore.

If you have a desired jaw structure and face line, you can benefit from the easy-to-apply jawline jaw filling method.

Fill jawline

Examples in Other Filling Applications:


How is Jawline Filling Made?

The words operation, surgery seems difficult and scary to most people. The point that misleads people in this regard is that an intervention will be made on the bones in jaw aesthetics. This is widely misunderstood information.

In chin filling operations, filling procedures are performed with injection techniques and needling methods. In addition to filling the hollow areas in the chin, it is aimed to achieve a softer chin appearance by balancing the points that come to the fore too much.

Several dermal filler types are used to shape the lower part of the face in filling processes. Filling materials are not the only ones in chin fillings. Many chin filling materials are available.

Before using these materials, first of all, an allergy test is performed on the person who wants to have a chin filling.

It is injected into people after the allergy test is completed. Filling processes are carried out with hyaluronic acid, fat cells, bovine collagen, hydroxylapatite calcium, and similar substances.

In chin filling procedures, filler injection is usually performed with lipid (fat) cells. Lipid cells are said to be a healthier application compared to other existing substances.

No anesthesia is applied during the chin filling operation. Of course, this situation changes according to the request of the person who has the filling done. If the person who will have chin filling wants anesthesia, the anesthesia method to be applied is local anesthesia.

How is Chin Filling Applied?

Injection techniques are used in jaw filling procedures. Dermal filling materials are used to balance the hollow appearance of the chin and to shape the lower part of the face. Various fillers can be used in filler injections.

Among these types, the most commonly used substances are hyaluronic acid, fat cells (obtained from the individuals' bodies, another name is autologous fat), bovine collagen (allergy test should be done about four weeks before the treatment starts), calcium hydroxylapatite, and biodegradable polymer, etc. . are substances.

The most important of filler injections; It is the use of filling materials approved by the TC. Ministry of Health.

Anesthesia is not required in chin filling operations. However, if anesthesia application is requested by the person who will have the filling, the method to be applied is local anesthesia.

With this method, the skin can be anesthetized. The filling material, which is preferred in chin fillings, is injected into the lower part of the skin with the help of small needles. In the application of chin filler, the session takes approximately fifteen minutes.

Thanks to a suitable treatment plan according to the facial structure of the people who request chin filling, a clear jawline can be achieved, structural features can be clarified, and chin and facial contours can be improved significantly.

Why is Chin Filling Done?

Filling injections is a method applied by aesthetic surgery, which is generally used to fill and eliminate wrinkles and pits that occur in the most striking face area of our body or that are always present.

It can also be used to fill the volume deficiencies in the face area. The filler injected under the skin elevates that area. The effects of filler injections disappear over some time, depending on the quality and nature of the product to be used.

The chin profile, which has increased with the use of filling materials, can be transformed into a more 'V' face line. This can make the ratio of the chin more harmonious with the other features of the facial area, thus increasing the overall aesthetics of the face.


What are the Advantages of Chin Fillers?

Genetic, that is, familial characteristics, have a very important effect on aesthetics. Filling, surgery, and liposuction methods can be used to shape aesthetic defects in the chin.

There is no single technique that will increase the jawline for all people who want to have a chin filling. It also varies as surgical and non-surgical methods.

While surgical methods can offer permanent solutions, they require surgery, anesthesia, and a healing process. Non-surgical methods, namely liposuction and filling methods, offer practical and faster solutions. It does not require a healing process.

It is a very effective option for people who are generally afraid of surgery and do not have enough time for recovery. For people who want to undergo a surgical operation, techniques that do not require surgery also allow them to have a preliminary experience process.

Weak jawlines, the absence of a weak mandibular border or jaw shape, soft tissue laxity can be corrected with chin filling methods.

Deformities Observed in the Jaw Region

There are quite a lot of deformities in the chin area. These can be structural disorders or disorders that develop due to weight gain and aging. All such disorders can be corrected with chin filling methods. The main jaw deformities encountered today are:

  • Lack of volume in the chin area
  • The chin is too small and in the background
  • Uncertainty of the line of the jawline
  • Not symmetrical
  • Sagging under the chin

Apart from these substances, people may also have different complaints about their chin areas.

  • A jaw shape that is not in harmony with the face
  • A weaker jaw structure than it should be
  • A larger jaw structure than it should be
  • Jowl hanging under the chin
  • Wrinkled neck skin
  • Indistinct chin line
  • Dimple present on the chin

You can have the jaw structure and line that you dream of, which has clearer, symmetrical, and attractive lines thanks to Jawline and Jaw tip filling.

In this way, you can increase your dynamism and youth. If you aim to have a very distinctive and attractive jawline, you should obtain a mandible extending straight to both sides of the jaw tip area.

Changes Due to Jawline Filling

The facial projection and profile of the people whose chin structure is in the background can be seen weakly. This is not simply due to heredity. With the chin structure that changes depending on age, this type of appearance may occur over time.

Thanks to the chin filling, the weak appearance in the chin area of the face are eliminated by filling, the chin area and the chin tip become clear and a distinctive chin structure can be obtained.

Thus, the facial profile is removed from the oval appearance and a more attractive and youthful appearance is obtained. Thanks to this application, also known as liquid lifting, it has become easier to achieve the desired face shape.

Can A Young Face Be Obtained With Jawline Filling?

The structural shape of a young face is a triangular one. As people get older, the triangular appearance in the jaw structures changes.

As the face ages, it takes on a more square appearance. With the chin filling applications, the square shape of the face can be easily made oval. You can get a better chin appearance by beautifying the appearance in the chin area.

Do Jawline Fillers Have an Effect on Skin Sagging?

With chin fillers, it is also possible to eliminate skin sagging in that area by applying to the notches around the chin and the linear folds descending from the corner of the mouth structure.

At the same time, by filling the groove in the lower part of the chin, the depth of that area can be minimized and it becomes possible to obtain a more elegant and aesthetic chin structure.

How Many CC Fillers Should Be Used for Jaw Filling?

The most important point that distinguishes chin filling operations from other filling applications is the necessity of using higher levels of filling after the first session to achieve an effective change. How is it applied?

Although the filler used for one session in cheek, nasolabial, under-eye and lip fillings in the face area is 1 cc, four to five cc fillers are applied from the first sessions in chin filling.

How Long Is the Chin Filling Permanent?

Jaw area and chin tip fillings are applied with thick and dense fillings that have a high lifting effect at the same time for the reason of tissue harmony in the existing area and to make the lines clear. Although the permanence of the applied filling varies according to the characteristics and structural condition of the person, it varies between twelve and eighteen months.

One week after the application, edema, and stiffness are felt in the application area. At the end of two weeks, the applied filling integrates with the tissues in that area. Softening begins in the area where stiffness and edema are felt.

After the chin filling procedures, positive differences are felt in the appearance of the face line. Immediately after the edema occurs, the striking image will begin to be revealed more clearly in the filled chin.

Is JawLine Infill Reversible?

Hyaluronic acid, which is used in chin filling processes, is a substance found naturally in our bodies. The hyaluronidase enzyme, which can dissolve this substance, is injected into the area where the filler is applied, and at the end of the 24 hours, the filler completely disappears.

How Long is the Jaw Filling Application Period?

Jaw filling procedures are performed by injection methods into the targeted tissues. This region is a region with an important anatomical structure where nerves and vessels pass.

For this reason, it is beneficial for the person who will apply the chin filling to be done by a specialist and experienced physician.

Since it is a region where important nerves and veins pass, jaw filling procedures are performed with a cannula in order not to damage these structures. In this way, it is safe to prevent possible bruising in the area where the application will be made.

What Should Be Considered After Jawline Filling?

It is possible to see bruises and swellings at the chin tip after the chin filling operation. It is stated that these swellings and bruises will pass as soon as possible.

It is normal for some pain symptoms to occur after the chin filling operation. If you experience pain, it is useful to use painkillers given by your doctor.

It is beneficial to rest for a week after chin filling surgery. This resting period is also very important in terms of the permanence of the filling you have made. At the end of one week, you can easily return to your normal life and work situation.

Do Chin Filling Prices Vary?

The prices of the chin fillers vary depending on how many tube fillers will be used during the application and the type of filler chosen.

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