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Dual Therapy

We can assume that the concept of beauty has existed since the existence of human beings. In this context, many of the women who have been going on from the beginning have efforts to become even more beautiful. Struggling to be one step ahead in the beauty race, women undergo many physical surgeries and have laser treatments with today's technology.

What we will call these laser treatments is no longer a care with the development of medical technology. Dual yellow laser treatment, which is one of the most common technologies that allows many diseases or physical problems to be solved with a few small operations, can save you from many spots and diseases on your skin.

Acne Treatment

A smooth face is one of the things that women especially pay attention to and cannot give up. So much so that the defective spots on the face are covered by using cosmetic products. These facial defects may be congenital or may occur later with environmental factors. These facial diseases vary, and acne is one of them. Acne occurs due to the increase in the amount of oil accumulated in the pores of the skin. Acne increases in direct proportion to nutrition.

Consumption of oily foods clogs the pores as it causes oiliness on the skin. Acne combined with air takes on dark colors and this image can be annoying, especially in the face area. For acne treatment, first of all, face washing is necessary at home using soaps with low oil content and water. The products used in the treatment should be applied to the entire face, not just the spots where acne is present.

Acne medications can cause dryness in the first month. Since acne treatment will thin the skin, the vulnerable skin becomes even more sensitive to sunlight. Using oil-free sunscreen moisturizes the skin and reduces irritation. Although the treatment varies from person to person, it is terminated in a period of 2 to 4 months.

Capillary Treatment

Another skin disease that gives a feeling of discomfort on the face is capillary cracking. It is mostly seen in light-skinned and thin-skinned people. It may be due to genetic reasons as well as the drugs used and various traumas. Today, capillary treatment can be easily done with the laser method. Thick veins can be easily destroyed, while thin veins can be destroyed in up to six sessions.

Rosacea Treatment

Dual yellow laser therapy, which is also used in the treatment of rose disease, known as rosacea in the medical language, is the most effective method of this disease. Rose disease is not a permanent stain and can be solved with just a few sessions.

While the recovery period is long in treatments that require surgical intervention, recovery takes place in a short time in methods that do not require surgical intervention. The medical name of rose disease, which is another skin problem, is rosacea. The disease, which is frequently seen in light-skinned people, may occur due to environmental factors, sensitivity to sunlight, stress and cold weather. It is frequently seen in the 30-60 age group.

Burning, itching and redness of the skin are important signs of the disease. Laser method is also used for the treatment of rosacea. In the disease progressing in attacks, the laser sessions applied in the phase where the capillaries are dense, are performed once a month as three sessions.

Melasma Treatment

Melasma, which is another application area, is a type of disease that occurs as a result of sun, pregnancy and old age. Although melasma spots are known as spots that are difficult to get rid of, it is known to get rid of such spots at the end of an average of four sessions with laser treatment.

Brown and black spots on the skin, especially on the face, are called melasma. Melasma, which has hormonal, hereditary, and excessive use of cosmetic products, is more common in dark skin tones. Low-level ailments can be treated with cream. For advanced melasma treatment, methods such as oxygen therapy, dermatherapy and mesotherapy are applied.

Treatment of Under Eye Bruises

One of the skin disorders that suffer from is dark circles under the eyes. It can be caused by reasons such as stress, fatigue, insomnia, or it can occur due to genetic reasons. Dual yellow laser treatment is preferred for the treatment of advanced dark circles.

Bulky Lesion Treatment

Differences in the skin, such as warts, moles, etc., are called lesions. Lesions may require surgical intervention. With the treatment of voluminous lesion, it is aimed to destroy the abnormal tissue in the skin. With the laser treatment method used, the skin is saved from the lesion without bleeding.

Although the treatment used does not require any anesthesia, anesthetic cream is applied to the skin in patients with low pain sensitivity. Usually, results are obtained in a single session. Volume lesion is treated using dual therapy laser method.

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