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Melasma Treatment

Brown spots commonly seen on the face are referred to as melasma. The emergence of these spots, like other blemishes, is mainly due to intense exposure to sunlight, especially during hot summer days. Some individuals are particularly sensitive to sunlight, making melasma spots inevitable and quite bothersome.

Melasma treatment is actually not a very difficult treatment system. Getting rid of melasma spots will only take a few months. Melasma spots are completely eliminated through laser treatment over a few sessions. Melasma treatment is easily applied for patients, and they can continue their daily lives throughout the treatment process. Initially, the areas with melasma spots are examined microscopically to determine whether the cells in those areas are working intensively or not. Based on these preliminary examinations, the necessary preparations for the treatment process are completed.

After melasma treatment, patients need to protect themselves from sunlight for a while. Additionally, the doctor can provide protective creams to be applied to the areas where laser treatment was performed. Using these creams strengthens the protection of the treated areas against any adverse conditions from the outside.

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