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Thulium Laser Spot Treatment and Prices

Thulium laser, which completely removes acne scars, skin spots, or burn marks and yields successful results in many countries around the world, is also applied for wrinkle treatment. The anti-aging effective laser system is one of the aesthetic procedures performed to achieve a more toned and youthful expression.

FDA-approved Thulium laser provides successful results in all types of skin spots. During the treatment, collagen synthesis is stimulated, promoting skin firmness, increased elasticity, and the formation of new cells.


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How is Thulium Laser Applied?

The laser system, which acts by creating tiny channels on the skin surface, offers wave lengths at the micron level. With a wavelength of 1927 nm, energy is applied to the skin from bottom to top. Starting from the lower layers of the skin, the laser system promotes healing by allowing traces to be expelled from the skin through tiny scabs.

Thulium laser, which significantly improves skin spots such as acne scars, wounds, and burn marks, targets melanocyte cells during application. The spot treatment system promotes healing and rejuvenation without damaging the skin's top layer.

What is Thulium Laser Used For?

The Thulium laser system used for eliminating spots and wrinkles is also employed in melasma treatments. Other areas where the laser is applied include;
• Treatment of sunspots
• Treatment of age spots
• Correction of skin tone differences
• Reduction of skin pores
• Reduction of signs and symptoms of aging
• Treatment of acne scars
• Reduction of burn marks
• Melasma treatment
It is one of the successful laser systems used for melasma, acne, and burn mark treatments and is widely preferred.

How is Thulium Laser Applied?

The painless and comfortable laser application is a practical and comfortable method. Redness occurring on the skin surface after the procedure heals completely within a few days. Various lotions and creams are applied after laser sessions to promote rapid healing of the skin. Daily activities can be resumed after each session.
Through the tiny channels opened in the laser system, drugs are passed into the sub-layers of the skin, promoting the renewal of form and the attainment of a clear skin structure.

How Long Does Thulium Laser Take?

The number of sessions to be performed is determined during the initial examination and skin analysis. After the first application, brightness and tonal balance are restored to the skin surface. Generally, the application is completed in a single session. The number and duration of sessions to be performed for deep and dark-colored spots are determined during the examination.
In long-term laser applications, the duration between each session usually lasts about 2 weeks. Applications are combined with different methods depending on individuals' skin structure, spots, and scars. It is among the professional methods used for the elimination of wrinkles and sagging skin in anti-aging treatments. It can be used in conjunction with skin treatments such as PRP and mesotherapy.

Thulium Laser Spot Treatment Prices?

Thulium Laser Spot Treatment and Prices can only be determined after a skin examination, depending on the number of sessions and application duration for each procedure.

What are the Advantages of Thulium Laser?

The Thulium laser system, which is among the practical and comfortable applications, is highly ideal for completely eliminating traces and achieving a more youthful appearance. The Thulium laser system allows you to achieve a baby face appearance. You can have a clean, clear, bright, and smooth skin structure.
Moreover, even a single session of application is sufficient for individuals with no deep scars. Enhancing skin quality, Thulium laser supports collagen synthesis, promoting skin renewal and moisture balance. It can be considered as an economical application depending on the treatments and sessions to be performed.

Instead of undergoing different treatments separately, it is a system used together to eliminate skin marks, spots and to gain a younger expression. While achieving color balance in the skin tone, pores are tightened, and unwanted marks are completely eliminated, resulting in a clear skin.

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